“Still very proud。”The upper strip spit a slot,It attracts the strange gaze。

“In short,This thing is enough to solve it.。”Qing Palace stretched a lazy waist,“What is your magic side,I am too lazy to intervene.,but”Speaking of which,The face of the Qing Palace is serious,“I hope she can stay like this.,Don’t touch those dark things,please,Crack。”
“Do my best。”The eyes of the cracked eyes are slightly flashing,Then solemnly said。
“That,Be pleased。”Qing Palace nodded,Slowly stand up,Walk outside the door,Looking at the back of the Qing Palace,The cracks and Steier also have the dodge to look at it.,Turn around。
“Be numb”In the corridor,I came from a silent call for a silver hair.。
Hospital outside the hospital。
Looking up at the bright sun,The Qing Palace has a deep breath.,It seems that all the stress in these days will be released.。
“Things are over?”Under the shade of the hospital,Meiqin looked at the Qing Palace,Let him recruit him,Then I arrived, I came to the Qing Palace.,Use your fingers and gently smashed the ribs of the Qing Dynasty.。
“Um,”Qinggang faint smile,I consciously open the field,Suddenly a cool came,“Next,I have to prepare the big tyrant sacrifice.?”
“That’s right.,”Meiqin smiled at the Qing Palace,“There are no days.。”
“You are so happy.?”Qing Palace looks at the expression of Meiqin,I can’t help but look at it.,“What are you thinking again??”
“Hey-hey”Mechanic face revealed a bad laughter,“When the big stars,Belevel 5School,We have two schools to compete.,Just look at it,Who are you more!”
“Feed,”The Qing Dynasty can’t help but laugh.,“Is this comparable??If it is better than this,You can deserialize it.!”
“Not always!”Meiqin’s mouth,“Who will lose anyone who will win?。”
“how,Do you want to play a bet??”
Yellow film,The more the brothers and girls are getting farther,Leave two long shadows under the sun,Gradually together
Sixth volume end,Tomorrow official start seventh volume‘Dawee Sacrifice’!
(This chapter is over)
NS36http://www.055411.cn1chapter Don’t worry clothes
September 19th,clear。
This is a very common morning。
The morning sun is softly sprinkled on the street,Shade of the street tree,Sweet zero falling on the ground,Falling the pale gold spotted star in the stars。It is already in late September.,Summer is going to go through,Refreshing autumn chasing summer tail is quiet,Morning wind is light,Give people a feeling of refreshing。Because the time still has long-lasting reason,Pedestrians on the street are still scattered,With a lazy atmosphere in the morning。
Looking at this picture,There is no difference here and elsewhere.,but,When you look carefully,From time to time, you will be able to tell you about the forward robot and the sky slowly drifting airship.,Not ordinary city here。
‘Academy of urban’。
Twelve hundreds of thousands http://www.mirrorquick.cn of people,Western Tokyo(Also included in Yuci County and Danchuan County)Round city,Its land is also surrounded by Japanese local,80% of its population,And these students have accepted special development,Even if there are more than six tenth people actually do not make capacity‘Unforgettable’,But the urban city is still the origin of super power.,The innocent side of the science。
The technology here is far more than 30 years.,In more than one outside world,The environment here is more special than the outside world.,Students are also more featured。
Elsewhere,Students who have seen on the street may be subjects such as mathematics Chinese,But on the streets of the academic park,The problems discussed by students may be completely different.。
Seventh district,A room in a student apartment,Teenagers stretched a lazy http://www.wffsj.cn waist,Open the window,Feel the fresh air in the morning,The young boy took a deep fresh air,The face revealed a touch of smile。
The face of the teenager is extremely good.,Not that is not a kind of handsome,But a feeling full of sunshine,Teenagers have a clear temperament,A pair of light golden scorpions have a noble,It looks quite unfold。
Juveniles,Lookling for boys to see a little longer,But with a teenager’s face,Instead, there is a feeling of complement.,On his neck,Hanging a shape of simple fish-shaped mood。
Teenagers are not others,It is our protagonist,Qing Palace to Summer。
Eight of the school’s urban city nowlevel 5One of the levels of superior,title‘Heat control’,It is even more actions before.,Defeat the first super power party in the urban city,Winning the title of the most powerful person in the urban city in one fell swoop。It is not a short ago.,Join hands in multiple parties,Protect space ladder‘Ethillion’,Let his name know。But the teenager doesn’t seem to be these,I didn’t take the initiative to mention this thing.,Action is still as low as ever,Just,Let people be more curious about this powerful and mysterious power,Even once, the relevant history of the city。