This year makes money difficult,It is not easy to catch a rich person.。

Two people watching summer language,Immediately realize favorable map。
After entering the hall,One of them deliberately bubbles a cup of tea in the summer.。
“Little brother,Since you first come to the martial art,I must have a certain understanding,Rumors are not as good as meet,If you have any needs?,Despite it with us,Don’t see we are responsible for guarding,But this is just temporary,We are also from Zecheng residents,The road of our brother is also very wide.。”
They sell themselves,How much water is,Summer is not concerned。
He laughed,“Two big brothers,I am not going to live and practice here.,I just want to go to the eight-phase space to see a look.,It is like a thunder,I can’t wait to see it.。”
“Eight-phase space?”
The two are all,Follow the summer。
Rotate one person rushed to the summer thumbs up,“Little brother good news,Come to the martial arts only to see the eight-phase space。”
Toned,Also,“But the eight-phase space is too far away from this place.。”
“Yes,Very far。”
Another person nodded,Say,“Important,Unparalleled danger all the way,Can say that nine deaths,Little brother,Eight phase space is the southernmost end of the martial art,South of millions of wasteland,No superior strength,I can’t get it all.。”
No waiting for summer,One of them has already taken out a pagan map,Expand on the table。
“You and see,This location is an eight-phase space,Our Ze City in this location。”
Summer blinking map,口 口 口。
From the map,Indeed,It can be said that the martial arts is in the north and south.。
One of them pointed to a red circle,“This is our Ze City,Departing from Ze City,Can lead to three citys in our people。”
“The first is here,This is the big rear of our people.,Named Tiancheng,Largest,Up to the number of people,One of the most prosperous holy cities,Want to go here,High expense。”
“The second is here,Here is the wind city,Wind City is now dangerous than the situation in our Ze City.,A lot of swordsman,Very intense battle,Incomparable danger。”
“This is the third place,Slightly more than Fengcheng,There is a traffic island there,People in Zone island are extremely evil.,Fight in other citys,Escape from Zone Island to avoid sanctions……”Two people are very patient,Also very detailed in summer introduction。
Last,“These three places,Both is going to the eight-phase space,Little brother,Which one do you want to go??”
NS3559chapter Being fat
Summer is silent,Double eyes staring at the map。
After a moment,He said,“I am going to go to the wind city.。”
hiss!Both people are all lightly sucking。
“Little brother,Fengcheng is still dangerous than our Ze City,You are sure you want to go?”
Summer nodded,“The road from Fengcheng is relatively close.。”
“But more dangerous。”
Both people are rare to persuade a sentence。
“Thank you,I will go to the wind city.。”
Both people look at each other,Shake your head,No longer advised。