“starting today,I am in Bayi in China.!”Benin’s mouth overflows a hint of blood,He launched。

“I declare that Beijiajia is a family of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,Coexist。”Lin Feng’s figure came out of the lane:“With the total http://www.jlsongshui.cn death!”
“Humph!”Long Taihuang heard the color,And after watching the demon:“Miao family,Your Miao is finished.,What do you want to do??”
“It doesn’t have anything I intervened.。”The fascinating laugh is:“But she needs to intervene some things。”
Merry of the emperor between talking, talking to Shangguan Yue, who has never speaking。
Long Taihuang and Belle Dragon two people heard the cold,Two people looked at Shangguan Yue.,Shangguan Yuxian faint smile:“I really have something to handle.。”
“Give me a reason for this matter,World Hongmen does not belong to Huaxia,Shangguan Shu Yue, I dare to guarantee that you have opened it in China.,You will be buried in China!”Longtai Huangzhi stared at Shangguan Yue, whispering on the golden ladder.。
“good,Shangguan Yue,Huaxia’s things are still around you have these external http://www.csjlife.cn force to interfere.。”Bei Shenlong stared at Shangguan Yue Road.:“I hope you don’t destroy the rules.,Otherwise you can’t get out of China。”
Shangguan Yue Yue heard the color cold,Her body rises up a powerful breath,This breath is straight to the sky,Crouch to the entire Qinglong battlefield,Do not,Who don’t know how many areas?。
Purple gold windbreaker,Flutter。
Shangguan Yue’s beautiful scorpion,Her breath is getting stronger and more powerful,Wan Ruohai tide,Endless,Directly like the sea, flock to Long Taihuang and Belle Dragon,The two have a long-awaited,Two people also rose horror atmosphere。
Responsible to the atmosphere of Shangguan。
But the atmosphere of Shangguan Yue is still climbing.,Long Taihuang and Belle Dragon’s breath also climbed,Resistance to Shangguan Yue’s power,However, the atmosphere of both people climbed to the limit.,Shangguan Yue’s breath still has not stopped,Directly press two people。
“She went out of this step。”Tang no trace feels this atmosphere muttered。
“good,She has come out of this step through life,Nirvana is successful。”Xi Ji Xiaoyi quietly looked at Shangguan Yue’s figure。
“Shangguan Yue,Worthwhile20Anti-generation of the people of the four-year-old year。”
“She represents a myth,A legend。”
“A generation of Tianjiao,This Lin Feng is climbing with Shangguan Yue Yue.。”
“Who knows?,However, this Lin Feng’s Qinglong Chamber of Commerce finally saved。”
“Is a new gold level for birth??Tangjiahe World Hongmen,There is also the support of Feixian Pavilion,Coupled with this shocking president,His day must become a super power in Huaxia。”
“Shangguan Yue!”
“Is this what they really power??”Lin Feng looked at Shangguan Yue and Dragon Home,The figure of Beijia’s master muttering,I don’t know why,In front of these power,Lin Feng really felt his own small,Even if it is promoted, it is far more than。
Becue seems to feel the emotions of Lin Feng,She is soft:“husband,the same as you,You are amazing than anyone!”
“good,You will be surpassing them。”The beautiful scorpion of Tao Yinyao looked at Lin Feng’s face.。
NS546chapter Game results
“good,How long does it take?,I will surpass them。”Lin Feng Jingjing,His tone is with powerful confidence。
He is now just a situation,And have not yet come and consolidate the realm,There is also room for improvement in this realm of Universities.。
Just talking about Lin Feng three。
The three strong people’s breath suddenly disappeared,Long Taihuang and Bubei Dragon’s figure,Two people pale,Shangguan Yuxian figure silk screen,She is carrying her hands to look at Long Taihuang and Bubei Dragon Dragon:“The rules are used to be broken.!”
“You step out this step?”Long Taihuang looked at Shangguan Yue Road。
“good!”Shangguan Yuxian’s mouth with a smile looking at Lin Feng Road:“I born in Nirvana,The body is evil spirits,Almost everything is destroyed,It is his key moments to help me to kill the evil spirits.,I have to succeed.,I don’t want to interfere with Huaxia things.,But who is moving him,I don’t mind trying to break the rules you have developed.。”
“You can try!”Long Taihuang stared at Shangguan Yue Road:“Let you stay in Huaxia today.,Don’t hesitate everything,Even Dragon,Beijia has completed the end of these years!”
“good,Shangguan Yue,Your soul should be hurt.,It’s far away from now.。”Bubei Shenlong suddenly opened the mouth:“You can’t go out of China,If it is ten years later,You said this,I naturally retreat。”