then,It is directly back to start the running road.。 but……At the same time as Olaf raises the giant ax in his hands。
Cold ice shot not far away,I have twisted my body again.,The blue cloak behind him is flying。
Olaf’s hammer ax,Also later,Fly around the corner of this cloak,Influenced in the air not far away。
next moment,Condoction that has escaped this giant ax again。
But her action,But not bent bow,Instead, the archer has been held in his own chest.。
then,Number of ice crystal arrows while shooting,中 身 身 身 身 身。
then,It is a bent bow,A ice crystal arrow is then out,Hit the bodies of Olaf。
Under the effect of deceleration,Oraff has no way to pull enough distance.,I can only look at myself to eat this.A。
And after this,Passive on the top of the Olaf head belongs to Buron,Also reached three floors。
Olaf no longer thinks to escape,Under the reduction effect of the ice。
He didn’tQ,Want to escape is a one-day night.。
so,I think here,Olaf is directly looking back,The fierce gods move toward the direction of the cold ice.。
But in fact,This anti-fall,How to see how it is insufficient?。
The fact is also true,Olaf has not come to the cold shooter.,Even the moment he just returned。
Another level of ice shooterA,I have already shot again.。
Ice crystal arrows come,Into the body of Olaf directly,Also passed the passive of the Olaf head belong to Buron。
Dynasty effect trigger,Another level of ice shooterAShot。
Then,Her motion suddenly changed,Walking from side、Action of the arrow。
Changed it into a direct half,Raise the bow and arrow in your hand,then……FlatAShoot,It’s actually a few ice crystal arrows.。
StartQSkill’s ice output,Olaf is free from the dizzy state,Turning the head is not,Continue to advance nor。
It can only be silently tolerate the output of the ice shot.,Go to the grass of the stone。
pity……In fact, his final ending of this wave,Empty from the very beginningQAfter the skill,I have been destined.。
finally,In the moment of Olaf walking into the grass,The ice shot has also spoken his last level.A。
Olaf headlights stripping damage numbers,His blood volume is also taken directly after this。
Double Kill! Double killing prompt audio to summon the canyon,This wave of the road,UltimatelyIGof1Change2Fall into a curtain。
And at this time,Obviously it is inevitable,Will make your own feelings about this wave。
“This wave……RNGVietnamese,A bit of a bit,No processing。”
Doll sighs,His some regrettable voice,It is also really letting people think of the anti-tower of the wave mistakes in the skateboard.。
“A bit of a pity……can only say。butIGThe treatment under this tube is relatively beautiful.。The ice is very clear, you have to break this death.,How should I do it?。”
“He also did it best,First kill the ice,Also put the head of Olaf and income in the capsule。”
Miller said after these,The spear is also a noddler,To this wave of groups, a wave of its own evaluation。