Zuo Luo has reacting the body,No move,Just watching him。

Oki’s 抿 抿 抿,Looking down in Zuo Luoyuan:“elder sister……You don’t want me?”
“……”Zuo Luoyuan pulled people down,Press down,I can’t see the bottom,“Mark only once,Other don’t want to think。”
Oki is like a fox fox who is trying to succeed.,Bent,Slightly http://www.knayt.cn head,Reach Zuo Luo,Leaning on her shoulders:“Um,just one time。”
Zuo Luoyuan is biased to kiss the soft meat.,Hand keeps pressing on his waist,The Comrgentible is completely soft.,Only Zhang mouth bites the gland,Inject your own information into it in。
OgeaThe people who favor them are a very pleasant thing.,butAlphaStrong positives often makeOgaTireless,So Zuo Luo has been dragging the more,Today’s training time is too long,I haven’t had a break in the middle.,He is too tired,Advance temporary mark will aggravate。
But she did not control her life.。
Glandular body is bitten,Be a stinging,Oki, it’s used to this slight tingling,Waiting for the pixel of Zuo Luo to inject,Iris, I’m happy and happy.,at this time,His eyes gradually become blurred,Hand can’t take a little。
That kind of illusion,Let the Ocean,I don’t consciously http://www.363dai.cn have a breath.。
But very fast,Another stinging begins,Oki’s original is not always,But more,That kind of stinging,Prostate,Leading the body’s consciousness。
“What’s wrong,pain?”Zuo Luohi quickly perceive the journey,Fast people release,Hug。
Bi Yue’s original face is quickly retreat,Only pale,The body is still shaking。
“I will take you to the doctor to see。”Zuo Luoyuan quickly got up,He was pulled by him。
Yishen shook his head:“It’s not so painful.。”
Zuo Luo does not believe,He is pale,So just a few seconds,The 1st corner has emerged fine sweat。
“I’m sleepy。”After the Le Zuohuan is released,He has not aggravated the sting of colony gland.,If you want her to sleep with myself。
Zuo Luo is staring at the face,See him well,I agree to not go,But still:“Tomorrow, go to the doctor clinic。”
When Zuo Luo is lie down,Oki’s active leaning by her:“I’m all right。”
“Is there anything?,Waiting for tomorrow。”Zuo Luo Huan is a little hard,Her heart blame,But did not show it out。
The true is really tired,Should have a sound,Sleep and sleep,Zuo Luo can’t sleep for a long time。
Early next morning,Zuo Luohuan took the comment of the Ji Yong。
Fang Yong does not know the taste of the information,But the two came over a day in advance,Let him not help but think about it。
“You first help me take a medicine。”Fang Yong to Zuo Luo Huan Road,“Just the most inside of the yellow cabinet next door,Passed the bottle of the red label。”
After waiting for Zuo Luo,Fang Yong asks:“I marked last night.?”
“Turn out let me see。”Fang Yong Road,Looking at the bite of the neck gland,Surprise,“Is Zuo Luo Her can’t work??”
“Doctor。”Zuo Luo is holding a medicament,Eye contains warning,“What you want。”
Fang Yong:“……”
He as a doctor so many years,Have a taggedOgacountless,It’s highAlphaThere is a common problem,Popularity,oftenOgaThe colony gland is bitten。
After the coming, the neck http://www.thxxzxx.cn is a simple teeth.,It is not a bit bite directly.,Instead, slowly deepen traces。
Either Zuo Luo can’t,Either……It is Zuo Luo Huan to endure.。
“Talk about the situation。”Fang Yong emptied the idea of the mind,Ask。
Zuo Luoyuan said that the situation of Ji Yucheng last night has been said.。
“You are saying that he is not abnormal.,Suddenly uncomfortable after waiting?”Fang Yong continued to ask,“Do you have this situation before marking??”
“Row,Pre-examine。”Fang Yong is in the coming。