“Wow,Good incense,Big brother shot,Is not the same。”Hong Hai smiled and walked in the way half opened:“Miss Miss is taught。”

NS156chapter 蟾
“Fatty,What。”Liu Hao Wen said。
“Be incense。”Cheetah and other people heard the words and laughed。
“I can’t think of Xiaofe, there is such a craft.,go,Try,The man who cook in this era is getting less and less.,Cherish than the giant panda。”Zu Qinglong also laughed。
“Oops,Big brother,What’s wrong with you?”This is a cheetah blame.。
He saw Lin Feng’s face to come out,But the nose is swollen。
“Big brother,Who is 揍?”Hong Hai also hurriedly gone,Face with embarrassment and miscellaneous,But but still care about it.。
Some of the other younger brothers have laughed,Are you a man?,A man and a woman together,Men’s affair,It must be hit by a woman,This woman is natural is a young lady in Liu.。
“Have to Laozi!”Lin Feng twice。
Nima,This time, in front of your own younger brother.。
“Big brother……elder brother!”
“We eat face!”
Hong Hai,Cheetah and others panic sitting on the sofa,Each ends up a bowl of noodles,Zu Qinglong seems to have not seen the same,Also sitting on the couch。
Lin Feng gave a blink of Liu,Willow is full of feminine and gentle smiles:“Lin Feng,Thanks for your hard work,I have eaten first.。”
This gimmick is also sitting down and dinner.,Lin Feng also came to the bowl to the living room.:“cough,This eating,Must be fast,http://www.asszero.cnEspecially noodles,Understand?”
“clear,Big brother。”
“We understand!”
“Hey,Big brother,This is too hot,Let us go out。”
“Correct,Go out to eat。”
Hong Hai,Cheetah and others have stood up,Zu Qinglong also stood up and got out of the door。
“Don’t leave。”Lin Feng shouted a road。
“Big brother,You slowly eat。”Hong Hai laughs。
“Big brother,Do you want me to buy you??spare?”The cheetah suddenly came to Lin Feng with the front and low channels.。
“what?”Lin Feng Wen Yan Yan’s Word。
“Balloon,Balloon quality thief in this。”Cheetah low channel:“I went outside to buy a good balloon.,Island country production,Ultra-thin,Rumor after the thickness0.003Millimeter!”
“what,no need,Your big brother I have never used。”Lin Feng suddenly understood,However, a pair of eyes are careful to look at the willow.,This http://www.cunqh.cn is don’t listen.,If you listen, it is big.。
But I don’t understand the Liu.。
“Big Gothic,Big Gothic。”Cheetah laughs,Now turned and went。
Lin Feng took the door,And then turn over to the willow:“Miss,Satisfied?”
“good,I haven’t eaten yet yet.。”Willow is a poor look on the face:“You can’t let me be hungry.。”
“Waiting for me to eat?”Lin Feng Road。
“forget it,I want to lose weight。”Willow finished,Lying on the sofa,Pick up the remote control to watch TV。
“real,I want to eat, I will give you a few more.?”Lin Feng’s bowl came to the sofa,Looking at the willow。
“I am full,I am small in my meal.,sorry,Let you lose your face before your hand。”Liu Hao is heard。
“It’s ok,You will be happy.。”Lin Feng does not matter,I immediately packed the next tableware into the kitchen.。
Liu Yizhen Wen said that http://www.ltmingwu.cn Lin Feng’s back,Her face suddenly exposed a smile low channel:“fool!”I immediately turned into my bedroom to rest.。
Lin Feng packed,It is also sitting on the sofa.。