After the words are finished,Night, take the lead in the cave with Gajulu,Subsequently, Zhu Bia was opposed to Kana.,Also into the cave。

Night and Gaji, who entered the cave,Nature has also encountered a preparation personnel,But these people are realized,Even the opportunity of the show,It was solved when you were in the night.。
“These guys are this level?I am still excited for so long.,I hope they summon the devil,Not too disappointing。”
Gajuli will throw it in the hand in the hand,The expression is so dissatisfied with the opponent.,White wasted his expectation。
“Don’t be very good,Even the weak devil,It is said that there are power to destroy a town.,Take your enemy like you,Dead must be you。”
Night can’t remember,Apart from“Gates”Those demon,There are still some weak devils in the Jerff book.,Such as the control of the flute。
Finally after the flute is demonized,But the collection of Airewa plus several people in Makarov,Remove it again。
For example, let Grem Urun,Always using your life“Absolute ice”,Only the devil of the seal“Daleo”,Although these demon is not the strongest devil in the Jerff book,But it is obviously not the current Gajulu to cope with it.。
“Then we will wait and see,The other party will really summon the devil,Let me first!”
I can match the dragon“demon”,Gaju said quite interest,Anyway, since he fought with the night.,And after I saw the magic,I will not be surprised because of anything.。
The two solved the butter fish on the way.,Come to the place mentioned by Zhu Bria,Darkness here,Obviously more than the outside。
And night heroes,I also saw the so-called evil ceremony.。
There is an unusual air land in the middle of the cave.,It was at this time at this time, there were more than a dozen magic guys wearing a black robe.。
At this time they were in front of a statue,The ground is full of magic arrays,Like a bloody,With the singing of those magic,Magic array a bright light,Devil statue began to absorb blood on the surrounding ground。
“Great devil adult,We are your devout believers,Please come here,Give me such a unpleasant force。
Here we will offer our loyalty,And enough blood sacrifice as a price,Just listen to your teaching。”
These people say that it is a magist guide,In fact, it is more like a sacrifice.,But thinking that the other party is a cult organization,So you can understand。
“What should we do now?Devil seems to have not been summoned,Do we want to stop them??”
Gajulu reveals a tasteful smile,Although I asked,But it is obvious that it doesn’t stop it.。
“Do you want to pick up with the devil??So naturally wait for the devil’s adults.。”
Night is also laughing and said,The person killed is already saved.,I can only kill this devil now.,Revenge for them。
And the night is the world“demon”Strength,Also expressed quite curiosity,This time is a good opportunity。
If Kana is here in the words,Will be objected,Because let the devil have been summon what,It is really too risky.。
It is also because of this consideration,Night wishes will let Kana will save people with Zhu Bayians.,And he is coming with Gajuli to teach the devil.。
“Should be almost,This devil does not seem to be a strong guy.。”
As the ceremony,The devil statue in the middle of the magic array began to show light,And severe vibration,Until the statue of a bisteland。
And the night is clear and feels clear.,How strong is the magic contained in this demon。
Let the night are somewhat unfortunately,This devil doesn’t seem to have a gorgeous guy.,Body’s magic,It’s better to be“Ten major magic guide”Makarov with Joseph。
Make people sorrowful“demon”,Actually this color? Not a night, I feel“Ten major magic guide”weak,On the contrary, ten people in the vertices of the whole continent,The strength is very strong.。
But it is for human beings in this population,Human life short life,But the talent and wisdom are the most outstanding。
Don’t look at this devil can be with Makarov in magic.,But I really want to play.,It is estimated that Makarov“Fairy law”。
The reason for the disappointment of nights is also very simple.,Probably he has a full expectation for this devil.,But now this devil’s strength,Obviously unable to respond to the expectation before night。