Oki’s biased face on the other side:“You can pull Jianghong and Yan Yan.。”

If you finish, he will return to Zuo Luohuan.:“May be poppy。”
This kind of pixel is too rare, Changed someone else, Maybe you don’t dare to go‘poppy’Guess。
“poppy?”Zuo Luoho raises his hand to the water on the face,She suddenly laughed,It seems to understand why you have a wolf into it now.。“The joint military school is hiding so deep。”
Yan Yan and Jianghong in the water have been pulled up., The two are lying on the shore., Yan Yanyin has blood, Previous。
“Trough!”Jiang Hong suddenly turned over,Look at around,Touch yourself,“What situation?!”
He only feels that he is still http://www.lkgov.cn dealing with the second generation robot dog.,Next second is doing a very embarrassing dream, Wake again, it’s this ghost.。
“You estrus。”Guan Xue is holding a gun,“Let me talk about it,Betagood。”
Jiang Hong originally thinks she speaks nonsense,He is notOga, But climb up, discover2There areAlphaAll wet, It’s like a circle in the water.,Finally, he landed on the body of Ji.:“How is the captain?……”
Cutoff:“I just accidentally pulled down.。”
“me?”Jiang Hong is frightened by himself, When did he be so bold?,Actually dare to provoke a family。
“no。”Gutong wiped your own light gun。
Si rock next to it is slowly standing, His mind was broken by himself.,Reach your hand and hurt,He has a sound,Seriously think about the way not far away:“team leader,Sorry, pull you down water。”
“Since you have awake,We should go。”Oki’s http://www.zowdoors.cn turn。
Qian Mao is crowded with Yan Yan,Small channel:“Jiang Hong is a green,You are lifted with the snow.。”
“Not a rock,That……”Jiang Hong came to hear it,Lick your mouth,Then I took the front and left Luo Huan,“Luo Huan,Hear?”
Zuo Luo His heard,Also know why the coming is like them like them,She stepped forward,Shouting:“Feel sorry。”
Ji Yue is holding gauze to dress your own arm injury:“Not necessarily,I have not alert。”
“I’ll help you?”Zuo Luo refers to the gauze asked,I don’t know if it is too close.,She feels that there is a faint iris sweet in his nasal mouth.。
The speed of the Bi’s bandage is very fast,Finally lifted the injured arm,One hand pulled a head,Bite another one with mouth,Rapidly,I don’t have room for helping her.。
“If the union of the United Military Academy Ansteli is a poppy,They account for great advantages。”Jiang Hong walked over,“Which military schoolAlphaNot half of the team。”
“We arrive in the secret base as soon as possible。”Oak Oak Open Zuo Luo Huan,Ding Wusu, walking to the stretcher,Low fever has been retired,It is estimated that you can get it next day.。
Zuo Luohuan’s face looked at the coming of ignorance,Standing in the original place,Direct to Jianghong。
“Don’t stay,His arm’s injury is estimated because of saving you,At that time, you are right and second-generation robot dogs.,You also pull people down water,Be unbearable?”Jiang Hong shook his head,“This is wet,I am not good,What’s more?。correct,He has no cleanse?”
Oki’s look like a clean person。
A group of re-departed,Wet clothes have been in half a day,Blowed by the wind,Diwu on the stretcher wakes up,He always felt that the atmosphere in the team won a little.。
Daymurs,Everyone find a cave rest,Ding Wusu struggled:“I think I can go now.,Don’t use you tomorrow。”
“Can,But the stretcher will stay。”Oki’s look at Ding Wushen’s pale face,“I can’t hold it.,Can continue lying,Will not affect too much。”
Zuo Luo Huan and Cutoff are not in the cave,They go out to find food,There is only one dry food in the backpack.,Be indulged for ten days。
Two people are attached to the attachment,Hunting three rabbits and two mountain chickens,Cut snow jumped from the tree,The arms are still a non-toxic wild fruit。She walks towards the stream,Zuo Luo is there to deal with dead prey。
“Anying Jing also grabbed our energy block,They have some people who have been hit by the biscat.。”Guan Xue squatting upstream,Pour the wild fruit,“However, the information of the Anyingview is really terrible.,Almost make everyone fall into hallucinations。”
Guan Xue is a meal,Suddenly hit Zuluo,Asked:“What did you smell?OgaPheromone?I heard that poppies can evoke the most desired pixels in their hearts.。”
Zuo Luo is wearing a dry rabbit on the wooden stick,She hand:“forget。”
Guan Xue is a bit unfortunately:“Too,You have forgotten,It is estimated that there is only one blurry feeling.。”
She sometimes knows thatAlphawithOgaWhat is taste,Information of positives combine,It’s quite interesting。
Two people cleans food,Walk toward the cave。
The cave has already raised the fire.,Zuo Luo will deliver a prey to Yan Yan and Jianghong.,Let them roast。
“Eat a break for three hours,We continue to hurry。”Ocean is on the mountain wall。
Zuo Luo is sitting on,Through the fire, I’m looking at the one eye.,I remembered that the snow asked in the stream. Some suddenly,What kind of pixel she smells?,Really forgotten,I only remember to wake up,The faint glasses with the mouth of the nose。
The first military academic school was blown twice,When traveling, the team is silent.,And only rest for three or http://www.sxyoga.cn four hours per night,Other time is on the road。Fortunately, Dtingwu Ming gradually recovered physical fitness,Start with the following,Not dragging down。