“it is good!”Mu Zi said that nodded。

Blue Xin turned into the office。
Mu Ziyou looked with the back of Blue Xin,Kidness of the mouth,Slowly solidify,Hoheng insisted that Blue Xin is Gu Yi blue,He can only be hunched。
NS122chapter:I really don’t have the courage to go.

NS122chapter:I really don’t have the courage to go.
For so many years,Blue Xin is a person who feels the deepest in Lu Hao。
Looking at Hao Cheng Pain,He is really hope,Blue Xin is Gu Yi blue,Haojun will not be too http://www.zanrp.cn painful。
Mu Zi’s swearing。
Pray in my heart,Blue Xin is Gu Yi blue,so,Hao Chengsheng reunited。
Mu Zizi has a little irritating and expected grasp。
Obviously there is a faster way,Lu Haocheng has to find a little bit.,He also understands his mood。
Lift,Seeing Blue Xin came over,He laughed and looked at Blue Xin。
“Manager,Can go。”Blue Xin laughs,Her white dress,Slight smile,She is like a lily bloom in a grain,The body is full of a good spirit。
“Let it go!”Mu Ziyou left her。
After they left,Yuan Yuan went to the door,The cold looks on the back of Blue Xin。
She hooks her lips coldly.,Cap into slim waist,Go back to ginger and play a call.,I am happy to do things.。
Mu Ziyou has come to Lu Haocheng’s rest room.,here,It is separated by frosted glass.。
Whole rest room,Bright and spacious,Atmosphere and luxurious。
Muzi fought a blue heart,Refers to the transplant room,Say:“Blue Xin Miss,The land is always a dress that you are ready.,Miss Lan Xin tried,If there is a suitable,Will send it to the hotel in advance。”
“it is good!”Lan Xin nodded。
Go to the fitting room,She just smashed the Mu Zi,I didn’t see that the Muzi’s honors didn’t have a deep smile.。
At the moment on the door of the fitting,The smile of Muzi’s honor is gradually expanded.。
The fitting room here,I made a mezzanine overnight.,That is to give Lu Hao Cheng,In front of the blue blue,Is it guilty??
Blue Xin can’t see Lu Haozheng,Lu Hao will become clear and clear。
Lu Haozheng wants to be blue,Recently,He http://www.sshack.cn is also crazy by this blue woman to her woman.。
Ok, let him detect some useful news,Lu Hao Cheng,I have a son.。
But Blue Xin’s news,Why is you already wiped two net??
Even if you are afraid of ginger,Jiang family also has no time to take care of。
These few years,Jiang Jia’s business is not as good as a year。