I don’t want to see someone to bully Yunqin.,Really are,I have no one for a long time, when he is bullying him.!

It seems that the teacher of the old man gives this kid.,All white!
Yes,When the sealed, I already recognized that I would like to do it for Yunqin.,Two views of the play,Obviously Fu Jiahe Huangfujia。
“Don’t talk later,I will solve it.。”Say,Yunqin will pull the sea behind himself,Staring at Ouyang Rui et al.。
Yunqin maintenance action,Let the cold in the sea,Violent impulse。Sealing hook,I stood behind Yun Qin.。
She wants to protect him,Of course he wants to give her opportunity!
Some fascinating Fu Xinghan,Emperor Fukuchuan is sluggish for a few seconds,Finally, I woke up by Ouyang Rui’s snoring.,Hurry up and support Ouyang Rui。
“Luo classmate,This is your bad,Even if you can’t accept Ouyang,You can’t let him play him casually.,What did you look at Ouyang hurt??!”
Fu Xing hang likes to see the eyes of Ouyang Rui Qingzi,There is also a bloody mouth,Say,But like a wind ignition。
http://www.fjmszx.cn Finish,Outue Ouyang Rui’s face,Only one eye,It’s soon removing the line of sight.。
Ugh,It’s really terrible,This level of wound,It hurts at a glance.,It feels like the rhythm of the destruction.!
This new little handsome guy doesn’t know who is,I dare to get so heavy.,I don’t know if I know the identity of Ouyang.,Can you still be so calm!
after all,Not many people named Ouyang!
So much thinking,Fu Xinghan glanced at the sea after the cloud。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS162chapter The younger brother is not too violent46
At this time,Astringent, standing behind Yun Qin,Like Yunqin’s stronger back shield,I can’t mention Fu Xinghan.!
Fu Xinghan,Secretly appreciation,It can still be so calm now.。
“Fu Xinghan,If you can’t talk, you will trouble you.!”Yunqin is full of Fu Xinghan,Still threatening pinch。http://www.digetongfang.cn
Fu Xinghan,No longer talk。
“Boy,You dare to shoot me?!I believe that I will let you stay in Hong.?!”
Wulieha, who is supported, Ouyang Rui resentment Fu Xinghan,Huangfu City’s help,It’s not easy to stand firm.,Crawn your own face,Slightly tirtless,Yinyin looks sealed,I can’t never get the sea.。
“Ouyang Rui!Even Fu Xinghan knows that people who want to hit you are me.,What you threaten??!”Yun Qin blocked Ouyang Rui’s line of view。
Don’t you want to ignite??!I will let you play with fire!
Yunqin maintains the movement of the sea,Obviously stimulates Ouyang Rui,Ouyang Rui’s fire,Bigger。
“Luo Yunqin,Do you believe that I will let you roll out together??!You really think that with the small gambling of the stadium,You can do whatever you want in front of me.?!”
Luo Yunqin frowned,正 要 怼 去。Originally standing http://www.jllongda.cn behind Yunqin,Looking at it is very obedient,I have already standed one step.。
“Yes?I’d like to see,Can you let us get roll out?!”
Cold scorpion,It’s more than the Ouyang Rui.,Cold-cold staring in Ouyang Rui,The momentum is completely crushed at this time, Ouyang Rui。
Seal the behavior at this time,In Fu Xinghan, etc.,It’s just that you are not afraid of burdocks.,Little is not like a big person in Hongli, afraid of Ouyang Rui, the European family,Complete rhythm。
Yunqin,Just say what to say,The sealed throws a sentence。
“Oh,correct,My name is sealed,Blockade,洄 洄,remember,Don’t find the wrong person。”
Finish,Sealing the taste of the horn,I still want to work hard,Let the sealed Yunqin from the Ouyang Rui returns,Raise,Soon disappeared in Ouyang Rui and a surprised Fu Xinghan,Huangfu people in front。
“”Fu Xing Han stunned stared at the direction of the two left.,Until I can’t see the figure of the two,I gradually went back to God。
“Ouyang,These two people are really not afraid of death.!There is also a small child,Will not know the name of your Ouyang??Not only playing you,Still not afraid of dead self-exposure names?!It’s just a self-finding road.。”
“Ouyang,Don’t tell me,You can swallow this。I read,It is the kindness of the people who don’t warm the people.,Also‘Reply’Die,Barmina?!”
Fu Xinghan is not afraid of a lot of things.‘persuade’,Finish,Also looked at the emperor,Show 皇 甫 民 川 附 自己 自己。