perhaps,The initial angel wings all made by this unknown white flame,Now the blue gold wings released by the Qing Palace are just a form of partial flames.,But the strip is very certain,If the battle continues to upgrade,It’s hard to say that the original situation will no longer now。

“I stopped me!”The blue golden double wing suddenly shock behind the Qing Dynasty,Whole people get up,Sen white flame on his arm,Like a cluster of burning snow。
next moment,His arms have hit the gun tip of the rear of the water.。
It seems that everything is quiet in an instant.,Just in this less than one second,next moment,The earth-shatter explosion sound suddenly in the air!
Big explosion caused a dramatic vibration,Let the ground shake like earthquake,Everyone is not from the autonomous east to the West,Let the females and people in Russia have fallen into chaos for a while.,Even Meiqin has to oscillate,Fly。
“No bar”Menqin, watched on the top of the big cloud,“This can be a deep underground.”
on the ground,It’s hard to solve the Nikulos Thai face of the piano attack.,Huge fluctuations in the top collision,I have seen the Meiqin that is not far away.,Some unwilling biting teeth。
He is not good at attacking magic,Ancient church,Few sometimes need him to attack the enemy,This also makes him more don’t care about similar things.,Until today, I kicked the iron plate.。
Excellent super powers suddenly appear,Disrupted all of his plans,Let him have changed the fighting plan and positive combat。Is the most evil,This super power is still unwanted.!
Five minutes,Nicola has no chance to attack,One looks up is that the purple lightning of the large piece is crazy.,There are some other attacks from time to time.,just now,The girl in the outside country is created by a metal ball that is diameter meter.,Then when the attack is launched as the shell, I will hit the defending of Nagola.。
“withdraw!”Although it is very unwilling,But Niola is still biting his teeth.,Down to retreat。
No one can see,Rome is teaching this, the right of God is in a mess.,Since this,How can Nikola may continue to accompany him??
The rear of the water wants to fight for thinking,Does he??
At this time, Meiqin is already unfamiliar with his opponent.,Her heart was all tightly clasped in the faded battle.。
Slight bite the teeth,Menqin behind the thunder,Saying,Directly fly in the direction of the Qing Palace。
She wants to know,What is the result of the battle?!
But when Meiqin flew to the place where the two collides,Dial the cloud,She stunned。
The corner of the Qing Palace with a faint smile,The blue gold wings behind the back have changed back to orange golden,His right hand,Just holding huge metal gun tips。
“You lose,Owell。”Look at the anxious look of Meiqin face,Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Looked up,Say to the rear of his head,“Excuse me,Cray your weapon。”
“After another。”The water in the rear looks at the laughing of the Qing Palace.,Sigh,Loosen a metal gun rod in the hands of more than five meters。
A sound,Starting from the gun tip part of the Qing Palace,Big large blocks appear on the gun body with cracks with frost,In the end,The whole giant gun is broken into two sections in the hands of the Qing Palace.。
See this scene,Beautiful piano’s conscious eyes,then,She greeted a pair of gentle scorpions.。
“Do not worry。”The Qing Palace came to Meiqin,Gently hold the girl’s hand,Slight smile,“ended。”
“Um!”Look at the Qing Palace,Meiqin’s eyes lit up,Nodding hard。
Look at this scene,Rao is the water behind,I can’t help but feel slightly.。
“It’s so young.。”
NS588chapter suspect
After one hour。
“what,Although it is already late in the night,However, I can find a fast restaurant opening.。”The Qing Dynasty shrunk himself on a wide soft sofa chair.,I apologize to the namagin next to you.,“sorry,It seems that you can’t go to the dormitory tonight.。”
Mecouin smile,Gently shake your head,Then the look has been wrinkled again.,When she is looking to the man sitting opposite the Qing Palace,The amber scorpion flashed from time to time.。
Men face firm,Stone-like three-dimensional five senses give him a kind of noise,And the lazy, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Palace, is just the opposite,Even soft sofa chair,His figure is still sitting straight,As a military personality,Let this man typically exude a serious temperament。
There is no geek idea to look at the man’s eyes.,Soon, people who have just been enemy have been sitting on a table after just one hour.,No one will be vigilant。
“Why choose this place?”The water in the rear is somewhat speechless.,“Obviously there are more choices”
“You really take you out of the night.?”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,Throw a fries in your mouth,While chewing while,“Not you want to talk??”
“It is hard to let me continue this atmosphere.。”The back of the water is rare, there is a hard laugh.,“I said it before,In addition to the forces itself,I have no malicious to you.。”
“I believe.。”Qing Palace said directly,The fries in the hand still did not let go,Also handed a native piano,Meiqin first stunned,Then I turned slightly.,It’s good to look at the Qing Palace and laugh.,But staring at the water of the water is scattered.。
“but,I am really curious.,What do you want to say?。”Qing Palace puts the fries into the mouth,A slapped,In front of the original snow top once again solidified,Evan a tempting air condition,Even the part of the melting seems to be re-repaired with a trickle.,The Qing Palace once again hit a referring,The snow top flew from the desktop,Come to the front of the Meiqin,Slightly shake,It seems to remind Meiqin to pick it up.。
“”Meiqin is completely helpless,I had to take the snow top,Lite the Qing Palace,A spoonful of force to dig on ice cream。
She can’t think of it.,What is the tang of this person in front of the Qing Palace?。