Zhou wear a duck cap,carrying a bag,Pixabay with a silk ticket to send a ticket,Walk into a cave with the crowd,The mechanical looks and places,The expression is slightly delayed。

The sound of the speaker is constantly sounding in the earphones。
Mogao Grottoes is probably the most famous symbol of Dunhuang.,So although it is a low season,People are still a lot。It is said that when the season is most exaggerated,I can’t buy tickets one month in advance.。
Mogao Grottoes Tickets Dating。
Peak seasona、b、cThree types of tickets,Visit the cave,You can visit eight caves up to。Off-season isd、eTwo types of tickets,You can visit12Cave,And because of people,Tour time is much better than the peak season,Tour guide explanation is also more detailed。So if it is very like Mogao Culture to visit,It is best to pick the paste season。
However, if you want to understand the mural, there is still a threshold.。
Many people come here,It http://www.eiviy.cn is disappointed,Feeling a waste of money,But nothing,But the horse will take a flower.。
Especially in the peak seasonbTicket tickets。
This is from people who don’t know it.。
Not understand,I can’t understand naturally.。
There are still some people to find some points you are interested in.,So I feel boring。
Just, such as a foreign couple around you,They also can’t understand their explanation.,Not allowed to take pictures,Adhere to a few caves, I can’t help but finally,Directly twisted。
Another example, sects and groups。
I watched two caves and I owe it.。槐 is completely understood that these already faded things have any good looking.,Some are all shaved.,Don’t say such a,Just just painted before、When the color is still bright, she called her to see.,She will not come,Unless you eat。
Therefore, they http://www.hrblqsxz.cn even left the cave before foreign couples.,At this time, playing。
Leave only left one person to follow most of the team。
He did his homework before coming.,Read some articles about Mogao Culture,Harvest,But at least know how to appreciate the content on murals。Plus the tickets have brought two movies that help to understand the cultural caves culture.,Not only look,Also helpful for tour cave,So he still barely seeks。
Mogao Grottoes and Namedian Cave,Is the result of different civilization collisions,Different dynasties and different regimes will work together to build a millennium,Only now。
Although the construction of Mogao Grottoes and Buddhism have nothing to do,Sculptures and murals are related to Buddhism,But its artistic value is not only religious,The content depicted in murals is not just the Pure land and believers of Buddhism.。If you carefully,Then you will find Iran from it.、India、Various civilized art traces such as Greece。If you don’t care about art,You can also find the daily life of the ancient people from the villains from those villains and different cultural habits.,You will be surprised,Because there are many things that are exceeded by modern people.。
Always gain something。
And Zhou I feel that a valuable art will always have some significance.,What is it recorded?,What did it represent?,What is it reflected?,If there is no,He can’t understand。
Dunhuang’s murals have interpreted this。
It is the content it records.——
Ancient people’s clothing、Entertainment method、Spiritual food,Even the technical products of ancient people,It is found on this.。
Even if you don’t look at these,Only from the lines used by people,Can also see many things。
The earliest cave built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty,Bodhisattva on murals at the time, is the same as the western region,Mr. Yu Qiuyu said‘It can even see the way from India gets up.,Deepline,Strong sense,Also naked,The rest of the stream of the stream’,At that time, Buddhism had just happened in China.。
The bodhisattva on the murals of the Wei and Jin Dynasties are more lively,Well-fit,Clothing also became more bold as people’s aesthetics,Even some can see the beauty of the beautiful and sick,From it, you can see the aesthetics of the famous celebrities at that time.。
It disappeared in the beauty of Sui Dynasty.。
Tang Dynasty,The strikes of the drawers become more natural,The pen is more casual,The look of the characters is more quiet,Women are increasingly dominant,It is the confidence and optimism of Tang Tang.。
Through mural,Zhouzhi seems to see the world,And it is like a reflection,It is the imprint of the cultural and customs of that era.。
That is also the world living。
So I think I feel interesting。
So I feel boring。