“According to the meaning of Soil,Destroy the pipeline of the landlift,You can affect‘cInstrument’Use。”Five and handheld a gun,Say that the look is solemn,“Stand to the war,Here is right.。”

“This underground has a pipe connected to the Pope?”The upper strip is curious about the surrounding exhibits,Some doubtful openings said,“So,The same is true here.?”
“You can say that。”Five and nodded,“Waiting for us only need”
Her words have not finished,Earthly,A front of the Toward of the Top of the Exhibition http://www.mmyibao.cn Room,Suddenly flashed the traces like flowing water,Let the upper strike。<i></i>
next moment,It’s like a substantially light blade that is emerging from air from the air.,Take a very fast speed to five and!
“careful!”Push the five and,The sense of consciousness in the eyes is big.,then,Promote his right hand!
Like crying,The upper body under the upper body is ahead,Followed up,And I don’t know where to attack is also disappeared.。
“Strong attack!”Bowl,The next conscious look at your right hand,When he saw the white powder on his right hand,Can’t help but slightly。
“This is wheat flour?”
I haven’t allowed him to think about it.,suddenly,The top floor of the entire museum burst into open,Countless stones and sand poured from the top of the head,The hall of the museum is instantly covered http://www.donghai8.cn with dust.,Let everyone surprised。<i></i>
“careful!”The first time will be five and guarded to,He will stay in the moment.。
In the space of dust,Golden golden color。
“Originally, it is also intended to protect this museum that is also called ancient architecture.。”With a stable footsteps,A shadow slowly emerged from the dust,“But look,You are not much about your own religious art.。”
Smoke is slow,The upper strip lifts the head,Until at this time he was suddenly discovered,At this time, the museum’s ceiling actually disappeared.,A big hole,The sun is taken along the hole,Mixed dusty dust,Bring a thrilling beauty in an instant。
“But rest assured,I am a cultural relics。”The young cheerful voice sounded,“Those historical letters, I have a good preservation.。”
Jin Mang broke out,All smoke is swept in an instant,Only left the upper and other people standing in the museum that is already a broken wall.,And the museum is in the middle,A loose green dress,Cheek depression,Slimming,The white man who is tall is full of face.。
“God’s right seat,‘Left side’?”Watching the opposite man,Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“You are really ugly.。”
“As you grow this,Actually, I can also be identified as a person who serves God.,Look like,Your god is really a lot of width.。”Clear ridicule,“but,Now you have probably no chance to win forgiveness.。”
“I am not a good guy,More than just friends,”On the forehead of the Qing Palace,A monetary white flame pattern slowly lit,“I am too lazy to use a tone such as the people trying to overwhelm.,I just want to say”
“you,Is my enemy。”The Qing Palace smiled in the left side,“Ready??”
next moment,The raging golden flame is like a tide,Roaring, bursting throughout the space!
at the same time,75 million meters high。
“Attempt”White-haired teenagers are unhappy,“Actually, I have to have a disabled to steal such a high-risk movement, and it’s going back to manage those guys to overtime.。”
“Recycling the name‘Left side’Do you guys?”One side took a deep breath,“The name is still quite strange.。”
Self-speaking, after a word,On the side of the side behind him,Then I jumped,I disappeared in the clouds of the clouds.。
Chapter 543 Priority
When the raging golden flame grows everything,And a moment of spreading around,The upper strip has jumped,Right hand separate the fire sea,Directly with the five and fast flash to another one of the museum export。
“This is the superpower?”Five and widened,Holding his hands unconsciously,“It is worthy of people who are not divided with the female Pope.!”
“You know.。”Some speechless look at the five and,“But now not to say these,We must first go to solve it first.‘cInstrument’Talented。”
“Well said,”Sudden,A familiar voice came from the top of the two,Lower one,Just see the figure of the soil door appears on the wall of the two men,There is also a slightly dry blood on the head.,“It seems that you have grown a lot.。”
“Soil?”The upper strikes look at the head of the Soil Gate.,“What is this??”
“what,nothing。”Soil door,So after it is not careless,“The people who are riot recognize,The result is a stick,Nothing。”Speaking of which,Suddenly exposed a touch of emotion on the face of the soil door,“Ah, do you know how they recognize that we are the urban urban people??”
“How to recognize?”The upper strip is stunned.,I am also a little strange in my heart.,“I have been surrounded by a group of people.。”
“that is because”Soil door,Have a good half,Only a long sigh,Pointing at your coat,“We are wearing”
“School uniforms in the urban city!”
“”The air is stagnant in an instant。
“That”Atmosphere is embarrassed to the limit,The upper strip is scratched,Laugh,Just want to say something,But it was interrupted by a sudden hit.,Hot wind,A burst of fragrance,Let the upper strip can’t help but suck the nose,The look is weird。