So the five thieves and Xiao Yun’s outstanding power,They know that they can’t kill Xiao Yun,I will die here.。

certainly,Even if you can fight, you have to stay here.。
Xiao Yun’s fighting experience is less scary,The most dangerous battle is also a monopoli in their villages.。
But Xiao Yun Bingxiao,Just insufficient experience,Plus a talent can also faint and five people http://www.fangxiandani.cnfight。
But these thieves are on the knife.,The fierce is not Xiao Yun, this little girl can be better than。
Just stab the thief in Xiao Yun, a sword.,When turning around to deal with others。
The injured thief endured her pain,From the back to Xiao Yun sneak。
Do you want Xiao Yun?,Timely use the long sword to open the other weapon,This is going to be hurt.。
Among them, Hanjiang, which is dangerous, is also a tight.,Almost a shot,But in time。
Do not experience the battle between life and death,Xiao Yun is always protected little girl。
This time you don’t lose your loss,In the future,That is what is life.。
The rest of the mountain thieves have been killed,Women who are rescued are hiding into the mountains。
Several of them were beginning to be controlled by a thief to drive a cattle,Young man with handling supplies have walked over。
One of them is full of blood,Use two pandas that are panda to see Hanjiang,Asked:“Cactus,Why don’t you help the girl?。”
The man said that the knife picked up from the ground,Other people have samples to learn the knife。
“You have saved our wife and children.,I am willing to help you attract the sight of the thief!”Young people resolutely say。
“Cactus masters the penalty,How can I feel dangerous?,More useless we help,Even if you help but also。”Someone is late。
Young people wiped a blood on a face:“Use this kind of punishment,There will be a lot of consumption,The immortal has killed so many hills,Perside excessive consumption,Otherwise why don’t you help the girl?。”
Others think,Indeed。
They look together,Not reasonable, don’t help。
Under the gaze of Hanjiang,These young people start crazy brain supplements。
The last young man:“Cactus,I am willing to be your sacrifice,You and the girl saved us,We can’t look at the thief to her.!”
The battle of Xiao Yun in the distance is moved by the sneak attack of a thief.,If you continue, Xiao Yun falls so late.。
Han Jiang understand,Less than a critical juncture, Xiao Yun, is not willing to use crackdown to fight。
Can Hanjiang’s intentions are here,Let her use cranes before people,Otherwise, I will never pass this hurdle.。
He wants to make Xiao Yun Guangming’s ability to use control water flow,Then use this ability into a fairy law.,Make Xiao Yun no longer fall into the mentality of separating the village。
“and many more?”What did Han Jiang suddenly thinks?,Touching a few preparations and thieves desperate, Also preparing to sacrifice their own young people。
“no,Does the immortals have a sacrifice to recover??”Han Jiang asked。
The first young man suddenly has some panic,He seems to be mistaken.。
How is the cactus,How can I put the sacrifice?,And can’t graze。
Even when I sacrificed the immortal,It is all over the sacrifice,Coordinate,He is directly awkward。
Han Jiang then said:“You are still waiting for it.,The immortal helps not to sacrifice、Things such as sacrifices。”
far away,Xiao Yun and the thief battle from the center of the road to the edge of the jungle,A arm is scratched。
During the period, Hanjiang wanted to do it for a few times.,Probably one,Children do not eat losses, long-lasting ideas。
He can’t accompany Xiao Yun for a lifetime,I can’t protect Xiao Yun from a lifetime harm.。
“Everyone together,This mother is almost!”The thief head yelled,Other four are attacked Qi Qi。
Xiao Yun blocked a few knives with the Polytel,The thief header sees the opportunity to attack Xiao Yun。
Crisis,Xiao Yun looked at the direction of Hanjiang,Finally, it is still used out of the crane.。
Water flows around Sword,Water arrow,Under the moment, the milesty of the unknown mallus thief will be willing.。
“and many more!and many more!”