All the way,Atmosphere is relatively hot,Everyone is Mo Huku,Jump。

en route,Liangqiu specially made arrangements。
“The five-year mountain will inevitably set off a bloody,Crisis and opportunities,We still do everything based on safety.。”
He is walking,Side around,Finally, look at Lu Haitong Wei Wei and others.,road,“I listened to the owner of the car,The five-year mountain just started to evolve two years ago.,Nine people in your refiner,I have been daring a set of hit.?”
Fall into the voice,The car seal stream exposed a satisfactory color。
Wei Wei, Wei Wei, Wei Wei,“Daughter,Entirely,We have dressed in a year,A year drill,Today we nine people cooperate,Has reached the point of fire pure。”
“good,Since this,Then let’s talk about it first.。”
Liangqiu nodded,“If it is fine, it will be.,If an accident occurred,Or an emergency,You nine people can act,Champion。”
Liangqiu looks to the rest of the person,The eyes swept in the color of the color of the color of the color。
Spiral,“Kilone,You are all complete hierarchy,Need to take care of the overall situation,Be a burden。”
“Do you safely,I am coming with the Qin Sabei,That is to protect everyone’s。”
“very good。”
Liangqiu Turkey to appreciate the eyes,Also looked at the summer。
“Summer brother,Shop seal,Remember to protect yourself after entering the mountainous mountain,Touch me and thousands of loose,Our refineries like this,The treasure of the mountain is important in the mountains.,Don’t panic。”
Summer is from the heart。
Everyone quickly came out of the city,Start speeding up speed。
All the way。
About three days,Finally came to the foot of Tongtianfeng。
Look up,Tong Tianfeng humbage into the cloud……Can be on,Black pressure,That is the huge shadow of the five-bedroom mountain。
Everyone is nervous and excited,Look at each other,Start mountaineering。
At this moment, everyone is going on。
The five-bedroom does not know the percentage fluctuation,Everyone’s strength is different from each other.。
Liangqiu lines in front,Each step is close to an near-zoom inch,Step forward,倏 倏 倏 远。
Chechening is the main owner,Not reached a complete level,One pair of boots under the foot,It is a secret treasure。
Every time,Both feet will pass halo,Shui,Alert,Followed by。
Wei Wei and other nine refineries fall in the last。
Ambulance,Summer and color scale, etc.。
As for Chung Song and Qin Night Yushu,Is not fast,Not awkward,Overview。
Suddenly,Thousandsurd to Qin Night Jade makes a eye。
The latter will。
She quickly chased the summer,Laugh,“Xia Master,Your speed is slow,Or let me take you.。”
Say,It is not to reject summer,Popularize his shoulder,嗖,Go forward。
Very fast。
On the scenery of the two side,Creating a broken line。
See this,Thousands of lone mouth hooked a smile。
He is not happy to come to the color scale。