Summer ladin thunder is rapid,Fast like lightning,Leave a resilience。
He rushed over the three fire dragons.。
Summer is also holding the same idea,Trying to quickly end fight,Don’t want to waste time。
Roong,惊 惊 鸿,Show ghost steps through the gap between three fire dragons。
en route,His clothes,And a long hair,Dance backward。
The whole person seems to fall into the blurred distortion。
Raise arms,Suddenly empty。
The sword was held by him hands.,And rapid tremor。
This type of tremor is too fast,I can’t identify the naked eye。
Faster,Be quiet。
Earthning and spread,Two kinds of mystery can be intertwined,Condensed。
In an incredible gaze,Summer eyes are flashing,Hand grip,Stitch up。 then,Welcome Lu Jin Li。
Sword,Metal vibrato,Like a thunder。
An air explosion has a thorn light,Energy remaining hovering and spreading out,Like a horrible waves。
Like a sky。
This hit,Unexpectedly outside the expectations of everyone。
Even many people are still looking for a good watch position.,I heard a thoroughness like a fried thunder.,The ears of the earthquake are ringing。
When they raise their heads,I just see that the body of Lu Jin can’t stop going backwards.。
At the same time。
Lu Jin’s face is awkward。
What is this mys up?!That sword was released,Let him avoid it。
Especially contained mystery,More let it be shocked by his arms,I can’t hold the knife。
more importantly,The power spreads in his body in his body.,Let his five internal organs seem to be broken,It’s hard to breathe。
Such a thought is just a flash,His face became pale。
Shock!diffusion!Summer is like lightning,Two kinds of mysterious energy integrate into the sword,Fly out。