“Yes,Royal master,We now thoroughly。”

They have learned,Yellow Luo is in the process of searching for the demonstration,Inadvertently learned about the news。
Then they start to trace it from this line.,Absolutely find a spider silk mushroom。
Middle school,The woman repairs still falls on the ground。
She is pale,Horn angle overflow silk blood,Double objects are full of helplessness and despair。
“蜃 蜃 没有,The brothers can’t save it.……”
for a long time,She laughs,“Gu Qing Yue,You are a cumbersome,You shouldn’t live in this world.……If you die early,Will not even have a http://www.myiran.cn long……”
Her palm,A short knife with a cold Senson appeared,Slowly,See a direction outside the city。
Infinite attire in the eyes,“Brothers,Take a step in the next month.……”
Fall into the voice,Flashing a touch,Immediately try。
at this time,Her body shape,I feel that I am a powerful breath.。
A sound from the ear,“stand up,Capture your own,Go to Nancheng City,I can save your brother……”
http://www.jdays.cn Gu Qing Yue immediately,Extremely difficult to achieve four。
If it is not able to know the powerful breath,She even doubting whether she has a magic。
“Don’t speak out,Don’t speak,Quietly,There is only one chance,Believe it or not。”
NS4091chapter Tianjian Mountain
NS4091chapter Tianjian Mountain
Gu Qing Yue almost did not hesitate,Wipe a tear with force,Go away from the mouth of the mouth。
Now now,She has no retreat,no choice。
I can only try to believe in the mysterious voice on the ear.。
She is suffering from serious illness,Brother is trapped,蜃 蜃……There is no problem with anything.。
Although it is unclear,After you lose your filament,Why is the mysterious emotion?,Still deciding to gamble。
Walking in the street,Shadow,Lonely,Sorrow。
She tried to find four things,But can’t find who is the sound of her。
After coming out of the housing,The http://www.wanrongspace.cn voice didn’t ring again.。
As if you have heard it before。
For a long time,I finally walked out of Tianshui City.。
Wild mountain silence,Weeds,Glen,Cold wind blowing。
Gu Qing Yue,The greater the heart,She turned around four,Fangyuan Bai Li still does not feel angry with anyone。