Huge force in a moment falling in the bodyguard,Let the door of this black car depressed,In a rushing anti-theft alarm,Car window glass, lramon, broken。
Summer is already a flash,Avoid the second thistle dagger,At the same time,Five fingers are like an eagle claw generally fasten the other party’s scalp,Mastering down,Then the other hand bends into the elbow,The evil is bombarded in his heart。
The elbow is a sudden sound,Let every person heard,I feel the heart of heart,Scalp,Blouse。
This should be hit with multiple,People don’t know。
But in an instant of the back of the elbow,This bodyguard body,But like a broken doll,The whole body has no stagnation,Weakly。
When the summer turns around and faces the rest of the bodyguard,This bodyguard is in contact with the ground,A big booth blood is flowing with the mouth。
His body,It’s like shaking the poisonous snake,I have no convulsions.。
fighting,Not stopped。
Although the war of summer makes these bodyguards shocked,But I also arouse their fierce。
Obvious,These people are not usual bodyguards,More like a group of desperate。
After discovering the fierce of summer,Almost everyone takes out weapons,And the same as before,All the cold light ensen daggers。
I only saw one of them waving the dagger.,Significant chopping in summer neck,The left side and the right side have three bodyguards while shooting。
They have a certain cooperation between them,Let’s take the summer to force the summer。
at the same time,The ramp is also rushed out of one person。
This is a body-shaped inch middle age,He has no weapon,But through the hidden cover,A whip leg swept over the skull。
There is also one person in a feet,Tiger,Into the heart sweep。
Six people shoot at the same time,Almost all over the summer。
The group of hunches in reality and film and television is different.。
Especially a group of people surround oneself,Although more people,But really can shoot,Three or four people,Then there is no gap。
Only those true masters,Or a special training soldier,There will be a tacit cooperation。
They will use a formation to oppress the survival space,Then in motion,Fit。
Unusual,Those who have trained masters,Up to eight simultaneous playing,Not a waste of gap。
At the moment, it is only six people.,But you shouldn’t be underestimated。
Change to do an ordinary master,Facing six people,Only one end。
Unfortunately,They encountered summer。 He is still as before,I can’t see a fear on my face.,Old faceless,No fluctuation。
Just in the flash attack,His body is like a soft vine, it is generally distorted into an incredible shape.,The post-instant legs sweeps to the right side of the bodyguard。
This bodyguard is also an operational computer police,Not too flustered,Instinctive,At the same time raising the arm。
His arm did not play any protective role,Summer right leg is like a heavy,With a discount, the arm is bored on his head.。