Originally, there are some three generations of back straight straight.,The whole person seems to be directly growing up.。

He injected into the column cells,Although there is a write-wheel eye is balanced,But just helping him recover some physical fitness,There is no too much change。
And now he feels that he seems to have obtained a new life.,Cylindrical cells are fully activated,But there is no anthropoachagy。
He clears his fist,A force is sensible,This feeling, he has not experienced it for a long time.。
Gradually cold feels spread to his eyes。
This is http://www.etogps.cn another shock of the three generations of body,Originally, I still have to absorb the write wheel of Chakra,Actually stop absorption。
Be awkward
It is like a broken housing sound in the twenty-generation mind.。
“Is this going to integrate the eyes?,I am very easy to use.”Three generations of mind。
But at this time,Three generations of heads,A memory appeared in his mind。
This makes the three generations of the body.。
“Three generations,How do you feel?”Despicion to be careful。
Three generations of changes are too amazing。
This situation is definitely not implanted with ghosts.,There are other things on the three generations.,It’s just that the ghost has helped the three generations.。
“very good!There is no anti-anti-alveolate”The three generations of face suddenly exposed a smile。
“No anti-anti-!”Swite。
He still remembers that he integrates into the ghost.,That is just a pain。
Why do three generations don’t have an anti-alive??
Is other things in his body!
Sworm excitement,Is that he fused?,Can also restore yourself?
Three generations of expressions with humble calls,When you have been so long,Of course, I know what I want to pay.。
“hehe,Things after preparing,now”Three generations smiled and said。
It’s just that cold light flashed in his eyes.。
This pen is http://www.scdxlj.cn also useful,But he doesn’t want to let the despicable call know too many secrets.,It seems to be handled after it.。
“Yes,I will prepare it right away.”Switching said excited。
Three generations nodded,Let the penalty left.。
Then he wiped his eyes,Suddenly, he appeared in his hand.。
And his eyes are a pair of black eyes,Then his pupil is instantaneous,An emergence of two three hooks。
He has completely mastered the power of writing.!
“Is this writing a favorite?,I didn’t expect to have this kind of power belong to me.,Hehehe”Three generations look at your own white hands,Laugh。
Then the writing in his eyes disappeared。
“But now,Poor is a trouble”Three generations frown。
His now is what he is young.,This look is definitely unable to go out to see people.。
“It seems that it is time to continue to http://www.xunfeng123.cn be angry.”
Three generations of four-week explosive smoke,Then he became the old appearance before。
His ability,Will not be discovered in a short time。
After he has absolute strength,He doesn’t need to hide it.。