Tang Wanxin is not moving:“my business,Don’t worry about yourself。”

“alright,I am here.,Total you……Good。”I have a self-discipline,Zhu Xinli smiled,Finally throwing a sentence,Gathered。
Looking at the back of him,Tang Wanxin’s face is gloomy,May gambling clothes lose to gamble,But the idea of good plan suddenly broke,He still feels a bit depressed,In particular, Zhu Xinli’s funds are still the Wang.。
Whether it is true or not,He wants to borrow Huiyuan to alleviate the desire to be broken, therefore broken.,He talked about his business last time.,Now come to bad things again,Is it true when he no temper??
Tang Wanxin bits the anger floating on the face,At present, the company is exactly the autumn,He didn’t want to go to the multi-person,But Wang traffic takes the three-year-old, the active coming to provoke him.,Don’t blame him.。
Tang Wanxin sucked down and calm down,I have seen all before thinking about it.、I have heard about the news about the king,Looking for him to find a chance to find。
Sudden,He is in his heart,Hand straight to the keyboard,Knock on the word,Then click on the mouse,Looking at the page of the pop,Eyes are instantly bright。
Tiansheng closed yesterday:938。
Thanks to Tian Shengzi, three times five,Tiansheng’s situation he also heard,I know that Tiansheng frontal time has just announced the interim financial report.,The performance is very bright,Therefore, the stock price has risen a lot.,But directly rising938,This is also a bit too much.?
If he didn’t remember,Before the financial report announced,Tiansheng’s share price has fallen to only more than 30 pieces.,Now rising now938,This has risen near200NS。
Even if Tianheng performance is bright,Not enough to support such a high rise?
He is the home from the stock,Still still manipulating the stock of Deron,The doorway of the stock market, he is clearly clear.,Light look at Tiangheng’s share price, he can conclude,This is definitely water!
This,Maybe is his chance。
Virtual stock price cannot continue to continue,General return,Tiansheng’s share price will fall in the next period of time.,And maybe it is not long after it。
If he now, he will take a short day.,It’s just that you can follow it.。
This can not only retrieve the king.,Give yourself export,Can also make an empty sky to make a big profit,I have a good company’s funding pressure.,Simply two。
And just fighting for gambling,Zhu Xinli wants to pick up the stock in his hand,Although the acquisition will be deducted by debt,But at least he can also get21Billion cash,Just can take it as a hollow fund。
Tang Wanxin eyes flashes,The more you http://www.yulejx.cn want to be more feasible,Even this is no longer a personal grievance, so simple.,If you can fish from Tiansheng,The current crisis now can be solved。
I think about it to troubled myself for so long.,Finally has a solution,Tang Wanxin decisions made a decision:Since you are broken, I will relieve the company’s stress plan with Huiyuan.,Then make up for yourself.。
NS512chapter Is it not fast enough?
“Total Wang,Congratulations on getting rich!”
Hongxing Hall,He Jie entered the door and smiled and rushed to the king arch.:“Last opening is just something,Really can’t open,Can you come over to give you,Now give you up。”
Wang Li, a smile:“Got,So why is you polite?,I have received the words of the old week. I received it.,Don’t say these,Come over,How do you have a kung fu today??”
“I am busy,Come over,No time to http://www.sportsmagazine.cn open,This time I have a chance,I will take you here.。”He Jie, a smile,Issue an eye box,Feel:
“It’s really good to get here.,I don’t say it outside.,Easy box is so style,Enough taste。”
“I just boast me sincere.。”Wang traffic laughs,Pull out Zhang Jinka hand to him:“This is the gold card for you.,I want to give you,Unfortunately, you will come over today.,I can only hand it over today.。
I like it here.,I have the opportunity to come often.。”
“Is this the gold card of the Hongxing Hall??I heard that the quota of the clubhouse is very nervous.,Don’t say gold card,It is difficult for silver cards.,Wang always gives me a gold card.,Sneeway。”
He Jia, a thumbs up,I took the gold card to look at both eyes.,Then I laughed and took it.:“Thanks,Have a chance later,I must come often。”
Said done,He Jia saw the blood of the king,Convergence:“Come over today,In addition to the king, you will look at you.,In fact, there is still something,Do you have a festival with Deron??”
“Durong?”Wang Liu slightly eyebrows:“Is Tang Wanxin opened the Durong??”
He Jia, a little bit:“Correct。”