Originally“gift”Still quite dissatisfaction,But when the night, the role of this pendant,And this pendant itself is worth a few hills.,I am happy to play.。

After all, the night is the first time I sent her gift.,It is her for her.。
And lethal tricks appear to be beautiful,Naturally, the more valuable,And according to the night,Although this pendant does not slow down the effect of aging,It is also also able to increase vitality.。
And when you encounter extremely dangerous,Can also treat the body autonomous,It can be said that it is not bad compared to the nightmare cell solution.。
Necklace of the first generation,For now“regeneration”Skills night,Help is not as big as before。
And he stills lives in life.“Fairy bean”,So the night’s night,Eventually send the initial necklace to the beauty。
The effect is naturally quite significant,According to Meime, I still wear a low chest today.,Obviously it is ready to show the pendant。
As for the night, it is like salted fish to lying on his own bed.。
“Three-year-old woman is terrible,Take my current physical fitness,Actually I was also tossed for one night……”
Last night, I was happy.,So, eventually, it is going to go out.,And the night is like a fadel.,Exquisite lying on the bed,Don’t want to move。
“The ancients did http://www.uucarlink.cn not bully me.,Only exhausted cattle,There is no cultivated field。
The pendant pendant of the initial generation should have given the beauty afterwards.,She wear her necklace,Vitality is too strong with energy。”
In fact, when I was american, when I was american.,Night, I found something wrong.,I have a heart to let the beauty pendant,But the latter is deadly。
And it means that unless she is dead,Otherwise, this life is just abstracting this pendant。
It’s been a beautiful look that it’s all right.,And ask the night, have a chance to help her get a quiet cell solution.。
Although the gift of the night makes her very satisfied,But it’s just a woman.,It is completely no resistance to the face of not old.。
Chapter 829 Five shaded conference
The five shadow talks are as follows.,And the location is selected in http://www.sanyt.cn the country of neutrality,By the most prestigious three ships as a business person。
Rayy Village of Yunyu Village is not intended to come.,But the other three rivots have responded.。
What agreement has been reached in the secret of other three major rigid villages,It is also quite unfavorable to them.,So in the end, they are still involved in this five shadow talks.。
Each shadow can take two guards along with two guards,Because this is related to the face problem of the village,So the choice of guard,That is, strength is strong enough,Trustworthy。
Wooden on the side of the hand is a flagmark,There is also the chief Zhixika Laoli to follow the head.。
And fog hidden village,Night, I am very honored to be elected by the night.,For Mei Ming,Night is natural and natural is the most trusted candidate.,After all, http://www.chenxiafu.cn they are all a family.。
The film of the five big fortune is gathers,Such a scene appeared last time,I don’t know how many years ago.。
Five rigidas have been continuously war,After all, there are few more than a few hatred.。
Little old man is sitting in his own position.,Have a circle around,I can’t help but laugh.。
Speech now now other villages,will“film”The title is simply a jade,Sitting in the five shadows here,Actually there are two women,There is even a child who is not long.。
And wild wood,Naturally angered all three of the three rivotes,Under this occasion,Their“film”Represents the dignity of their village。
Wildermars in their village“film”,This is undoubtedly the face of their nature.。
In addition to a more sensible night with deer,Other guards have taken out the weapons in their hands.,Some swords from the scene。
“Ability to continue the title of,Not the gender and age,But what contributed to the village。
in my opinion,The five generations of water in our village,There is absolutely enough to take the title of the qualification。
Since the three generations of natives have questioned the identity of other three shadows,Then I want to ask,Three generations of three generations,Whether it has also been struggling with Soil shadows?”
The night is holding a sister who has already taken out the plain.,Looking at the three generations of Si Shadow said this paragraph。
And the words of the night, let the beauty of the beauty and wait for a smile.,And the wild wood is in the same place.。
Be right,Dasuwood is mock up with other shadows,But he forgot his life.,It is also a wish to become a shadow.。
When he became a shadow,The age is similar to those in the scene.。
in short,In the long years,He lost himself,Forgot your original intention。