Do you think you can??

this matter, Can you not。
“listen to me,Looking back to the company account。”
Shen Xuan finished,The people around me,Rushing immediately。
There is also a woman in the Security Department of the Halloya Group.,And their skills,Not poor than a general man。
And Dingme’s friends saw this scene,It’s very regretted.。
“Dingmei,Everyone is friendly,How can you move this??”
“Yes,Even if you don’t say anything else,Also, I have to read the same as the same window.,Don’t go。”
“Dingmei,I’m wrong,I beg you not to go.,Don’t I apologize to you??”
With these people,Dingmei looks to everyone,Can’t help but smile。
“Sprinkler on the surface,Behind my bad words,You think I don’t know?”
“Advise me to find an old and ugly boyfriend,Not because your boyfriend gave you benefits?”
“Everyone is gratifying,But you are so pitted,This http://www.zgwhjl.cndormitory,You think,Will I still stay??”
Dingmei can’t say,Not because she doesn’t know anything。
But ridiculous,Dingmei’s all-in-one,I thought she didn’t know anything.。
so now,It’s until Dingme is going to leave.,They start regretting。
Earlier,They will be better to Dingme.。
Moreover,They are looking for a big boyfriend than them.,It’s nothing more than playing now.。
How is it?,No one can not clear。
But Shen Xuan is different.,Chairman of the Halloyan Group,And still so young,Long and handsome,Still have money。
This requirement,It’s impatient.。
Fladder,Door is closed,Dingmei also left here.。
Chapter 42 I don’t want to think,Experience
For the front of you,Dingme’s heart,Can’t help but feel sad。
but,Dingmei is now four,Do not stay in school,In fact, it is not big.。
And Shen Xuan,Looking at Dingmei,Slight smile:“Just I have some time now.,Just accompany you to go around。”
Dingmei,Fortunately, Shen Xuan is accompanying yourself。
So much,Dingme’s heart,It’s a lot of practice.。
“I am tired.,I want to find a place to rest.。”
Dingme is really tired,These people,Let her have a little tired。
But fortunately,All this is finally。
“Resting fifteen minutes,Get Tianpeng Real Estate3One house。”
Tianpeng Real Estate?