“it is good,Boy,I am looking at the seniors of Long Tianzun.,And gambled a game!”Xianyu heard the words of Lin Feng Road:“I see how you destroy me too Xianzhou billioni!”

“Lao Yu Dong Tianzun predecessors in the space channel,Go directly to Taihua。”Lin Feng looked at Long Tianzun Road:“To avoid delaying the things of the people and dragons。”
“it is good!”
Long Tianzun http://www.zyxwq.cn huge dragon body suddenly fell to the tail,Talk directly to the sky,There is a huge space channel when you are turning,At the same time, he broke out the horrible power to put the scene everyone in it.。
After a moment,Everyone appeared in a land full of empty spirits,This land is like a fairyland.,A seat city pool stands on this floor,Here is Tai Xianzhou。
Taihua is thick,Far away from the cold,Live here,The fairy is a race that is divided from the 神族.,In the gods force is not the same。
Xian family’s traditionality is very powerful,I don’t know how many fairy people on this too.。
“Boy,I see how to destroy my Xianfang billioni in three breathing.!”Xian Yu looked coldly and looked at Lin Feng Road。
“Boy,Cowhide blows。”The magic day and mystery have looked at Lin Feng Road.。
Lin Feng is watching to this land,http://www.famous1.cnThere is a city in this earth.,From high space,These Chengxing Luo Chess。
“Give me explosion!”
He suddenly bursted。
A voiced explosion sound rang from the earth of Taihua,A piece of mushroom cloud rises,Distance to hundreds of urban pools from them have risen a piece of mushroom cloud,Countless screaming sounds。
Seeing this scene of Long Tianzun is also shocked,Because he didn’t see any power in Lin Feng.。
Magic Tianda and Plugging Machine‘color’Slight change,The power of their powerful gods spread out,Suddenly shrouded on the fried city of the seat,Among these urban pools have been life‘Wave’Moved。
“There are millions of fairy people in a city,A hundred million,In addition to the saints,Almost all dead!”The Eastern is unbeaten and cold looking at the city path below.。
“Boy,How did you do it??”Xian Yu Tongshi‘color’livid,Amazing breath。
“You want to listen to the truth?”Lin Feng looked at Xian Yu Channel。
“Boy,speak out!”Xian Yu Tongxiang,His figure gave up and prepared to catch Lin Feng,But by the east.。
Lin Feng cold road,Pointing a direction in Taihua,Suddenly, the three mushrooms in the direction rose,The fierce call came from the three citys。
Xian Yu Tongliang,Twin scarlet。
“Don’t ask if you should ask,I don’t believe that I will let you all the following saints of all the saints of Taihua.!”Lin Feng is cold and staring at Xian Yu:“I let your Xian family become the history of the gods.!”
“Boy,you dare!”Fairy feathe‘color’‘Negative’Sink,Crazy road。
“You can try,You are useless to kill me.,I can tell you,This is a seal.,Our people have produced hundreds of millions of people,Every one can sweep the square3000Any life within kilometers,Of course, many places in the mandarin are placed.,Who can’t believe it, you can try,The humanity is big‘Jade’Stone!”Lin Feng said:“You have set a dozen every city in Xianzhou.,Human populated people can control!”
This time,Magic day,Mysterious face‘color’and also‘Negative’Sink。
If it starts,They will not believe Lin Feng’s words,Go straight to Lin Feng directly,But after seeing many urban pools in Taixia, after being destroyed,They are jealous。
“Boy,You are enough,At first, we will plan to be Tai Xianzhou.,You!”Xian Yu Tong Sheng。
“Humph,If I don’t think,You sooner or later calculate the people!”Lin Feng cold road。
“Boy,We are too moon.?”The magic day is cold and cold looks at Lin Feng Road.。
“You can also gamble with me one game.,I have three breathing but you are too moon.!”Lin Feng turned to the magic sea road:“The saints are under the following!”