“Then I have to go,I have no power to fight the beast,But I can do a good logistics for you.!”Lian Mountain’s eyes are extremely firm。

“You are only”
Lian Mountain is just an ordinary person,Medical skill,That is just an ordinary person。
蚩 蚩 兽 兽 自 自 自,Even the number of collapsed beasts that are parasitic is also very much。
“If you don’t let me go,Then you can’t walk!”Lian Mountain is the same as the door,Don’t let Ji Lin take the door out one step。
Indifferent,“Lian Mountain is also worried about your safety,I will take care of him after I will take care of him.。”
http://www.hrbfdmy.cn It is not valid to Shake Wei, and shake his head.,Drawing Ji Lin not to say。
“All right。”
Finally, Ji Lin promised to bring the mountain.,Let Lian Mountain ready to prepare the materials needed for three people,Departure early tomorrow。
The sooner the curse is solved.,There will be more people to die for each day.。
“Let me bring me.。”Han Jiang actively opened。
Ji Lin looked at it.:“what do you mean?”
Nodny,“The fierce beast will be defeated by us,But the tribe needs development,Although Lian Mountain is not high,But in the peace period,He has wisdom that leads the development of all tribes.。”
“Hey Hey hey!”Han Jiang quickly called a few times,The two made him completely as air。
The scenes in the current data are not supported.,Can only watch it on one side。
That night, Ji Lin and I was escaped http://www.tj-alt.cn in the night.,The two did not have alarm anyone to see the nine。
Smart mountain,Eventually deceived by Ji Lin Xiaoxiao。
In order not to let the tribe worry,Be careful to clean up things,Prepare for the eating water of the three。
Hanjiang’s perspective followed by two people in the nine secrets,See the true form of 蚩蚩。
Today’s Yu Yusu is very incomparable,At first glance, I can’t see the margin.。
Ji Lin two arrived in the coast,I have already waited for it over there.。
“呦,The old fashioned guy, you finally come.!”
Two girls standing on the shore,One of the people who saw the happiness of the bismuth。
“Dan Zhu,Play in trouble。”Another calm girl。
Dan Zhu knocked his head with his hand,Spit into the tongue:“Atmosphere is not so heavy,We can’t win。”
“You are actually coming.。”Ji Lin saw two http://www.songhuaer.cn people and somewhat surprised。
Dan Zhu hugged his arms:“An old-fashioned guy has such an idea.,If I don’t stop her, she will sneak alone.。”
I laughed, I didn’t talk.,It is the default.。
“Let it go。”Ji Lin lifted the Xuanyuan Sword, and the first horse rushed to the 蚩 兽。
Four people even in the eyes of the behemoths are not as good as the eyes,The eyelid lifted slightly,Only dispatching the collapse of the body to fight。
These collapse beasts are dealing with ordinary people,Passed the horse with four people,Several people beat various means。
Finally, four people arrived on the body,Ji Lin completely stimulated the power of Xuanyuanjian,There is a colorful color,It’s like nine days of mysterious women.。