The whole large grass is quiet to the extreme,Everyone looked at the eyes.。

“Cough……”Dramatic cough,Summer is swaying and standing。
Just stand up,He also spurt three major pieces of blood。
Immediately,He walked before。
Front,The witch also slowly stood up.。
His clothes broke down,It seems that there is no major injury。
However, his mouth is constantly overflowing blood.。
He stared at the summer,Just a word,Oversized,And then fall in the ground,Hand hold the chest。
Until this time,Only a lot of blood is flowing out from his fingers.。
His handcuffs,There is a huge blood hole。
“Kill god,Even if I am dead,You can’t live,Hahahaha。
Cough……”Summer solve,Be silent。
Endless killing。
Hundreds of people watching are completely boiling。
No one can think of,Summer,I didn’t kill the seven hegemonic strong people.。
Have to know,He is now still more than 20 years old.。
If you give him a growth,Maybe there is one day will be invincible in the world.。
Just like the legendary Huaxia Emperor。
That kind of person with other purposes,Glance,Face is cloudy。
No one can see it,At this moment, I am only afraid that it is a strong end.。
A burst of laughing in half air。
I saw two figures like lightning usually quickly rushed to the field.。
This is two west, west men.。
Can not see the specific age from the appearance,But everyone is in an extremely persuvented momentum。
Summer stopping footsteps,Stare at each other,“Who are you?。”
Summer reveals,“It turned out that two old hegens,Hehehe,I dare to appear now.,So-called old hegemony,It’s really disappointing。”
The face of the two is cold to the extreme。
Among them, the man’s eyes showing cruel cold light in the eyes of Lewis.,“Small hybrid,Can let you live today,It is cheaper you.。
I first destroy the God,If you don’t have something to work,How can you live now?。”
He is the third hegemony of God,I have an unforgettable hatred for the summer.。
Summer faceless expression,Cold and cold,“You are confident that you can kill me.?”
“Kill you like a ant!”
The cold voice of Lewis is completely,看 人 人 人 人,“I am the third hegemony of God.,This little scorpion was subverting my God.,Now I kill him avenge,Everyone gives me a testimony.。
Small hybrid,Remember,Killing you called Lewis!”