Just in the moment that the Mozu wants to swallow the mother,The whole body is strike。

Then it was fled by a giant force.。
Blood dye。
Distance,Summer decisive star River arrow law。
Three Mozu roar,One of them returned,The other two continue to rush。
“Depend on,I would rather die to swallow the treasure.,Is the brain into the water?。”
Summer is quite speechless,Of course, I will not pay for it.。
Koil the big bow again,Give the Mozu who returned back。
But at this time,Summer face,An unsoliciency warning is giving birth from the mind。
He doesn’t know where to give some actions in this.。
But this bad premonition,Make him feel uncomfortable。
The shadow of death is gradually shrouded。
“what happened?”
Summer thoughts。
He has never been there a warmence source from http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn meditation.。
As if,There is an unable to describe,Constantly awake yourself in your mind。
have to say,Summer thinking kens to the extreme。
This moment,Ten million thought collides、Under the show,Made the most correct reaction。
Collapse big bow,Don’t hesitate to turn。
Stepping Taiji nine steps,Launch tiger leopard,Put the speed to the extreme。
His speed,Two magic people can’t catch up with。
even,They have never seen the summer figure since the beginning.。
Just just left soon,A strong momentum,Along with the clouds that are boiling with boiling。
Found,The rich clouds are all felt,The power is very horrible。
Even if the summer has escaped,I also found this momentum。
He connects discoloration,I recognized the identity of the people in a moment.。
Fortunately, I am afraid,Sweaks。
He http://www.haiyangjx.cn didn’t think of it.,With your own speed,Continuous change in the middle,The other party has chased it up.。
“He must track the secret law,Just like killing the cliff,I have locked me one after entering black gold star.……”
Summer rushing,Thunder,Think http://www.donghai8.cn of many。