But it is necessary to talent and understand。

if not,So many three products refinery,I have already reached four products.。
“Zhang Wenyun,You also determine to participate in the four product assessment?”
Guo Laoqi, who is high, high,Strict look。
Zhang Wenyun bite his teeth,“join!I want to participate!”
“good,Since this,Man,Give them two people to apply for four products。”
Announced,Several http://www.jsdongshang.cn girls hurriedly。
After a moment,Seventy-three four masters,Plus the summer and Zhang http://www.zanrp.cnWenyun two,A total of seventy-five people。
In an excitement, it is full of enthusiasm,They are vastly into the large-scale examination room on one side.。
The hall is close to the door,Ban,Virginism。
Outside the hall,Thousands of refining teachers are again awkward。
People leave。
All are concerned with a lively mentality、Waiting for results。
This year’s most talented two players,Duo three products peak,Which one will they be born??
Time is a little drop。
Waiting for the process of suffering。
So,Seven days and seven nights passed。
Liu Ru smoke in the crowd is getting tight,The heart is seven on the top eight,Suffer from the loss。
Past three days,Summer teach her a lot of knowledge,Open a new door for her,Liu Ru smoke does not doubt that summer is very standardized。
but,How powerful?
http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn she does not know。
Those judges will not deliberately?
Will you give him a problem??
Zhang Wenyun is the president of the grandchildren.,Will it be biased?……
Various miscellaneous thoughts have been in the mind。
Just like an anxiety、perturbed、Looking forward to the bed,Another day,The gate of the examination room suddenly pushed a gap。
Someone screamed and shouted。