“Do not worry,I know。I am walking uncle。”The Qing Palace smiled and nodded,Turn over,Waving the soul of the Soil,Say with cheerful tone,“correct,Sorry, you have broken you a pillow.,Next time I will compensate。”Finish,He walked out of the doctor’s office。

Soil chasing soul,Then I can’t shook my head.。
Office outside。
“Thank you,Uncle。”The Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the soul of the soul, whispering,A touch of crystal is quietly emerged in the eyes,Then flicker in the dark,Disappear。When the boy raises the head again,That double has a clear light gold again.。
The soul of the soul is not necessarily,Although the Qing Palace can’t do anything,However, he deeply engraved all the heart.。
This is the character of the Qing Palace,Gnome,Resentment!
“Woodland!”The eyes of the Qing Dynasty flashed in the eyes,“Your family……It’s really nausea.!”
In his memory,The woody family seems to have an old guy.,The same madness,Call……Wooden Fantasy。
“Ah,Wooden Fantasy,Wooden tribute。”The Qing Dynasty smiled and smiled,“really do not know,Do you have two relationships,Ha ha……”Gat strokes the neck cold metal,The eyes of the Qing Palace are slightly cold。
Deeply sucking a breath,Again,The eyes of the Qing Palace gradually recovered before the crystal clear,The coldness was deeply buried in the eyes.。
He is now very clear,Now1eve1 4Degree,I don’t have any institutes who are persecuted to persecute their own.,Don’t mention the hound forces that protect there.。
so,He can do it now,Only continue to grind your strength,Strive to stand in this school city urban,Come to do the next step。
“Truth,I really didn’t have a good time to visit in the urban city.。”Qing Dynasty,Looking at the lively street,For a time, like the world。
“Say,What I wear now is still a uncle of the hospital to give me?。”Looking down, I look at my clothes.,I saw the sunset that I have already sailed in the sky.,Put down the things in my heart,The Qing Palace does not hurt it slightly.。
“Go buy a few clothes first,Then go eat something.。”Qing Palace is so thinking,Freed away into a garment store on the roadside。
Half an hour later,The Qing Palace took a few bags out of the garment store.。
at this time,The clothes on his body have also been found.,A pure white thin sweater,Jeans,Let the boy inexplicably a mature feeling different from the same age children,It looks very attractive,More amazing is,The boy’s nose has a pair of shurrow-side flat glasses,Make him more books,It looks like a student.。
“Not bad?。”Glass door through the garment store,The Qing Palace nodded,“Let’s take a look at this store later.。”
“What are you going to eat next??”Stretching a lazy waist,The Qing Palace is slightly lazy to play a yawning,“Previous thing,It’s really like a dream.……”
At this moment,The eyes of the Qing Dynasty, the eyes of the soul, opened in an instant,At the same time, the body flashes,Flashed to the side。
Just when someone is a little strange, what is the handsome boy is doing something?,A harsh“哗”Slaid land from the ear,Along with scream,The glass door of the garment store suddenly broke,Countless crystal graphics four splashes。
The face of the Qing Palace is gloomy。
Just now,The calculation of your own brain alarms in an instant,There is a certain object to fly to yourself with a different http://www.myiran.cn temperature.,The goal is your own skull!He calculated in an instant,Judging this hit,Through this short void,He also clear what is coming.。
That is……bullet!
“Wooden tribute!”Qing Palace’s face,Feel a gradually approached the temperature of the body’s body temperature,Slight bite。
at this time,The sun has fallen in the urban city.。
Escape the protagonist+Golden eyes are setヽ(ー_ー)ノ
(This chapter is over)
NS9chapter first step
Look at the glass behind it,And the passers who scream in the inside and the passers-by,The face of the Qing Palace is completely gloomy。
“Wooden tribute!”The Qing Dynasty is biting the teeth of the teeth, and the black man who is slowly approaching.,At the same time, the body has to flash it quickly.,Turned to the alley to run。
“These guys……Unlike people in the troops。”Flexible http://www.power18.cn in the alley,The hearts of the Qing Palace are not surprised。
If it is those hyena,Qing Palace can not believe,They will be so organized so,But the chaos are chasing behind themselves。