First2198Chapter Kill people……I will also play too.

The second finger head in Donggu is broken.。
His body bow,Faceful,No sillet。
The cold sweat of the big piece。
“let me go……Otherwise, kill your home……”Click!The third finger is broken。
“Taier……”The earth is not like a vocal name.,This kind of pain makes a few more dizziness。
“Continue to say。”
Summer faceless expression,Sound calm,Calm is afraid。
This moment,Cool almost cruel。
“You let me say,Say what……”Click!Click!The rest of the two fingers are also broken by life。
The eaves of ancient tragic calls, such as killing pigs。
Snapped!Summer grabbed a finger head in another hand。
“Allo!I say,I say……”East is afraid,Really afraid。
If you don’t say yourself,I am afraid that the five fingers of this hand,Will be broken by the other party。
This is a madman。
He doesn’t care about our family and identity.。
He is not a person。
Be a madman!Be a devil!Think here,He strong serious pain,Voices,“Me,I didn’t kill people……Allo!I mean, I don’t kill people.,I have told me,My bodyguard,How many people are,I do not remember……”“Have ten?”
Summer voice is still calm。
“No,Not……”East ancient conscious shook head denied,He is full of resentment。
He swear,Once you can leave here,Be sure to think about the guys in front of you.,Let him be born like death!Click!A finger is broken again.。
Summer cold voice,“Since there is no ten,You can’t think of it.?”
“Wailing……”The whole man, the whole person, fell to the ground,No matter what you call,“I am wrong.,Ten,Have……”“Then say slowly,Do not worry。”
Summer is still slow,Sidal is also sitting on the ground,“My patience is very good.,Tell you what you remember。”
“There is a woman not from me.……Me,I will find a way to kill his parents.……Can,But I didn’t expect it.,she,That woman actually committed suicide……”This is the most profound thing in Donggu Memory.,It is also a thing that he is.。
All,He didn’t get the woman since you。
Like him,Can’t give birth to a rich interest。
“There is one,she,She accidentally played,I broke an antique I just aucted.,Me,I pushed her from the third floor of the third floor.……I thought she didn’t die.,The third floor is not high,Can,I didn’t expect to fall.……”“Um,Nice,Continue。”
“There is one……”Dongngua began to work hard to recall,Slowly telling。
And the summer is like a dedicated listener,Sitting next to him,Polypercomers。
If it is not a full body,The two seem to be like the old friends who have not seen many years in the NAI.。
But a sentence in Donggukou said,One-piece,But it is divided into creepy。
have to say,This guy is almost exhausted.,Not just a disaster innocent girl。
There is also some of his allergies.。
He said more than a dozen things,Summer stopped him,“okay,Don’t have to say。”
The other party continued,Even if you can’t help but live this blend of king eggs in summer.。
A deep breath,Strong heart,In his body,I took out a high-end mobile phone who didn’t know what brand.。