Use water to scare the Naruto and Carti them,Use no longer threatening。

“Even if I agree,You are afraid that you will not believe me.”White picks up the mask。
A white wedding face appeared in the eyes of the spring,But Springs know that white is a man,This is what he himself in the original story.,But if it is not clear.。
At this time, I feel that I have never hidden.。
“hehe”Spring,Just slowly move no longer。
Time-raining is moving to the spring。
Want to stop me??
“Water breathing”
Springs’ broken water,The barrier of a water appeared in front of him.。
Thousands of times are completely blocked。
White will take this opportunity,Quick approach never。
“What http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cndo you want to do?”
Just when you want to touch it again.,A short knife appeared on the neck of no longer。
White body is stiff,I don’t dare to move again.。
Springs a sweepstick,Just kick out the white kicks you can’t resist.。
“mean”Some wolf stood up。
“Not me mean,This is for you.,I don’t want to listen to this, I don’t want to see you.”Quanyi feels that inserting thousands of necks。
“do not want”White shock。
Spring is fundamentally,The technique is quick to pull out thousands。
Just when I think that spring is going to kill again.,The spring of the spring actually emerged a light green light.。
“Medical tolerance!”White shocked。
Sure enough, there is no time,I wake up again.。
“Don’t move,Mr.,Otherwise, my knife is not in love.”Spring said faintly,Said that the waters in your hands were still moving again.。
“Who are you”
No more,Who is this guy with foggy mask?。
And the knife in his hand also stabble and necks.。
“who I am,You don’t have to manage,Now I will give you two choices.,one,Let the white effect,two,Just let you kill you, let the white effect”Spring hoarse。
“hehe,Are you looking at my tool?,no problem,You will be loyal to him in the future.,Is this okay”I don’t have a side to see it.,Then I stared at Spring.。
“No more people!”White can’ t believe it, then give up yourself.。
“Can,Let this eat this.”
Spring with masks,I can’t see what expression,The sound is also camouflage,I can’t hear any tone。