A banquet http://www.szsamscn.cn begins,Intend。

After the banquet is over,It’s dark,Everyone also has a few drunkenness。
“Grandfather,Bring this Li Uncle,Snake uncle bubble bath。”Lin Feng Yukong night。
“Do not worry,give it to me。”Night lonely smile and patted the chest road:“work on your businesses。”
“Really look forward to。”Datuk Li Wei。
“Yes,I found these people in the wine table.。”Snake is idiocked and half joked,These people are old rivers and lakes,Another person on a boat,So there is a banquet and it is also mature with everyone.,Talk is also straightforward.。
“Stop it,Old snake,You soaked, you are still young.。”Cheng Tianlong patted a snake’s dead shoulder。
“it is good,Let it go,We go to the bubble!”Snake is dead。
“go,Who is afraid of who?!”Cheng Tianlong,Night lonely,Mu Jun and others, several old guys have went to the http://www.fy12365.cn villa.,Zu Qinglong,Black and white hands have left。
“Big brother,I am also gone.。”Dongxing laughs:“Go to the city。”
“See your kind of laughing,There must be a woman.?”Lin Feng’s mouth exposed a bad laugh:“Ye Lin?”
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“good,I have a call to Ye Lin during my call.,Ye Lin took the plane.。”Dongxing laughs:“This girl is tasteful,Spicy,Very beautiful,Again is the daughter of uncle Snake,I am welcome.,Fat water does not flow out of the field。”
“wipe,Your sister,Go back。”Lin Feng smiled:“It is also a relationship between our stability and our uncle.。”
“Big brother,I found a feature,You are too believed too。”Dongxing suddenly seriously。
“I am too believed too.,But I will see people.。”Lin Feng’s scorpion looked at the night,His scorpion with a strange purple,Extremely strange,And continue:“I will http://www.yifeng8.cn not have any hesitation.,Useful,I will cultivate。”
He said not a word,With the promotion of cultivation,His perspective is more and more mysterious,Lin Feng doesn’t say to see through people,But can sweep a person,I can feel this person’s heart is lying.,Whether to kill your machine or have an sinister heart。
Whether it is a snake, it is difficult to escape his eyes.。
Two people only need to leak the conspiracy,Lin Fengli hit two people。
This is the god of perspective,Previous perspective,Now it can further peek at a heart,And the change of this person’s eyes,Any subtle change is difficult to escape his eyes。
“Big brother is confident.。”Dongxing laughs:“Big brother,I am leaving。”There is between Dongxing, and the smoke is。
“This kid!”Lin Feng smiled。
We immediately dialed the phone of Bei Xue Yin,The voice of Bei Xue Yin is coming between the phone.:“Lin Feng,came back?”
“came back,A report!”Lin Feng Road:“have you eaten?”
“Ate,correct,I forgot to tell you,uncle,The aunt has returned.。”Belle Road。
“what?How do they go back??When is it going??”Lin Feng heard the words,He is ready to go back to accompany your parents for a while,This time is scared.。
“Go back in the morning,Walk together with Uncle,The main uncle wants to read his grandmother.。”Belle Road:“But you can rest assured,My brother came back.,They accompanied the uncle’s letters,Aflerie and aunt are ready to persuade our grandmother.,Advise other families come here together。”
Lin Feng heard the heart,He is a little trembling hand holding a mobile phone.,And after deep breathing:“I see,Shedy,I will go back later.。”
“fine,I said that,Let go of your business,in addition,I also gone tomorrow.。”Becue:“You will prepare for me to prepare for me.,Have a finished product。”
“I see,Wife。”Lin Feng Road:“All right,Have a poor words, go back and say,We are intimate。”
“Cold?”Lin Feng Road。
“whats the matter?still remember me?”Night cold voice came from there。
“You are my wife,Of course, remember,correct,When you go to your home?Don’t you say that I will go back to see your parents??”Lin Feng asked with a smile:“I also want to see the mother’s mother.。”
“Dead Lin Feng,Who said to marry you?。”Night Cooky:“You are waiting for me,Be careful, I am.。”
“Drink?踹 踹 踹?Wash at night,I will go back to give you.。”Lin Feng badly laughing:“Cold,Give me a warm bed at night。”
“Dead Lin Feng,You come back, I am.。”Night Cold Tao。