Spring is divided by yin and yang.,Fly back to your http://www.2dgh.cn own eyebrow。

“what!”Wheneverality is an incredible。
“Do you use it?,You are really idea,But not everyone can do like you”The big fairy faintly said。
Although it is unclear how to maintain the immortal pattern,But this is impossible to be the average person.。
Yin and Yang is separated from the spring,The imprint of the fairy in the first spring is slowly reduced.,Finally left a touch of eye shadow。
The forehead is only the diamond mark left.。
When he uses Xianke, he does not have to share some will to control the decomposition of natural energy and the manufacturing of Xianke Chakra.,His branch has helped him。
And he only needs to control the immortal Chakra in the body.,This undoubtedly makes the Spring control capacity。
And just need to keep inquiry Xianji Chakra for Spring.,Don’t worry about other http://www.kabmaster.cn things。
“not necessarily,I have been very curious about the reason.,But I know now.,Xianli Chakra can make a soul to have a unique meaning”
“And then use this ascendant, the yin and yang that can be divided into the soul.,Forming that unique meaning,It’s just that the yin and yang is obvious.”
Spring is too short to get this will.,I can’t find this way of will not find this will.。
I want to think that Yu Zhibo spheres in order to use yin and yang to birth, how long does it take??
And how long is the spring??
Be right,There is also the will of the blue ten stars in Quan.,Just being cured in it。
Or this will is the key to writing.,Not the so-called yin and yang。
Or Senluo。
And Xianke Chakra can make people live longer,This also makes humans have time,Can get this will。
And the foundation of the spring directly promoted the civilization of the endurance civilization.。
“I am correct.,Dafa fairy”Spring with a smile looks at this big fairy。
The big fairy is silent.,It didn’t expect that Spring actually discovered these,Even the method of spring is also it has never thought about it.。
“Ugh,Do you want to build a fairy?”Daxie fairy sighed and said。
“Be right,This is more interesting.,This world is too bored,A group of frogs in the bottom of the well kills there,I want to see a broader world.”Springs reveal excitement。
He knows what the big fairy is saying.。
He finally found something in the original world.,This makes him not excited,He wants to completely change this world。
Daxie fairy did not have some insulting words in the mean,In front of the spring,His pioneer idea,Let the world go on another road,An unknown road。
“You have asked.,You go.”The big cactus closed his eyes.。
“Ok,Then I will leave”Spring smiles。
Have these harvests enough,However, these things will wait for him to defeat Unexpected Boss to implement them.。
Issue problems in the practice also take time to think about it.,Otherwise, only the quality of natural energy is absorbed by its own qualifications.,This requirement is too high.。
Many people can’t reach this request.。
Spring is to create a new era,Not to make several people live strong power。