Because the phone voice is derived from the red phone above the desk。

Accelerate your footsteps,Pick up the handset。
“I am a seedlings.。”
Jiangbo’s consciousness stands straight,Alive,“Miao Hall,What is it so late??”
The phone is not someone else,It is his head boss,Director of the Jiangnan Provincial Public Security Department,Miao clear。
“Are you arrested a person called a summer?。”Military Hall Directly opened the door to see the mountain。
Jiangbo face micro-change,Hurry,“I now verify now,What is the Miao Director??”
“Let go!”
Telephone interrupt。
Jiangbo looks at the phone in his hand,Suddenly some feelings,Hurry and put down the phone,Go outward。
However,Just turned around,The ringtone of the red phone rang again.。
Jiangbo face becomes subtle,Sink,Raise again。
“hehe,Hello Lin Mayor。”Tone is quite respectful。
“Old River。”Lin Mayor smiled and came.,“Is such that,I heard that people below grabbed a person called summer.……” Gure。
Jiangbo’s heart,And then hurriedly jumped up。
This moment,That kind of uncomfortable feel is unlimited。
Just the head boss to call,Now the mayor has personally……What happened??
How is the summer??
“I don’t know this.,However, Lin Mayor please rest assured,I immediately verified。”Wipe a cold sweat of a forehead,“I don’t know what you have.?”
“Ugh,Old River,We are also old friends.,I will talk to you.,I don’t know how it is.,But I just received a call from the old head.,I am smelling me.……”
Short sentence,Jiangbo’s forehead dropped cold sweat,Feeling your eyes, some vertigo。
When the mayor, the mayor is hung by the phone.,Jiangbo has not hesitated a second,Square meter away。
Jingle Bell。
Just at this time,That red phone rang again。
Jiangbo suddenly stop,The heart has not been able to curb the dramatic beating。
Nor,Nor,Immediate shouting,“Zhang Jiangong!”
At the same time, turn back to pick up the handset。
“Secretary Wang?”
Jiangbo voice respectfully,This is one hand of the Municipal Party Committee。
“Jiang Director,Are you arrested a person called a summer??”
“I am……I am just knowing。”Jiangbo’s tone becomes unfavorable。
“He and the white clouds flying in Bai Yunfei have had some contradictions.,You call it as soon as possible……”