Tong Emperor puts with the computer,And send the results of the computer to everyone。

See the flashing red dot in the screen,Ze Jingel is not mentioned,Flash Frees is surprisingly surprised to issue questions。
“This is too far away.,The size of the monsters is no longer smaller than the city.。
No matter whether the tyrannical cold wind can cover the entire monsters,Can he remotely control the ice of ice??”
Flash Frees’s opponent is the ninja of two ninja villages“Indecisive”and“blast”。
These two ninja with flash Frees also have sound Sienik from one place,Squeeze slightly,But it is also a strong。
Especially after swallowing geeks,Both people jumped“Dragon geek”,Let the flash Frees are in trouble。
Finally, because of the cold wave of the battlefield,lead to“Indecisive”and“blast”Reveal flaw,Only the flash of Frees caught the opportunity to kill。
But because of this,Flash Frees will be so surprised,More than just large-area coverage attacks,Can also operate ice-chooulective attack objects,This is too out of。
“Do not,If it is a night,I think it’s not difficult to do this.。”
Jenos heard the doubts of flash Frees,Cagnate said。
No one knows more than him,There are many monsters that live together with him.。
Jenos once thought,If this world really has the strongest,Then there must be a teacher of Qi Jade。
And if there is one day, someone can be with Qi Yu teacher.,So Jenos believes,This person must be a night.。
Jenos more than once studied the old office building,Is there a secret。
Otherwise I can’t explain,Why is Qi Yu teacher still have a strong night?。
Hell that is moving after moving,Also in a short time,Strength gets explosive improvement,Even if you want to chase yourself。
Although since I worship,Jenos also has a lot of sense,But the speed is far from three people。
Recent time,Jenos’ research object,It has been temporarily converted from Qi Jade to the office building.。
Although Jenos’s brain replenishment is still leaving,But one thing he didn’t say。
For night words,Serve the extent to the flash of Frees,What difficult is not to him.。
The first is to cover the ice of the whole monsters.,As long as Chakra is enough to do enough,There is nothing to say。
It is difficult to remotely control ice and selective attacks.,However, this is the many cappeughts that these two points have,It is not difficult to do it.。
First pass“gas”Induction resolves enemy unit,Then use the momentum to operate the ice attack enemy units.,Like the way to operate,It’s just more complicated.。
Using ice to eliminate a lot of geeks,And help othersSLevel hero gets rid of the difficulties,Night is also standing from the place。
The big snake in this time has been completely covered by cold ice.,Even mobile is quite difficult,It is also covered with a lot of knife marks.,But the vitality is still tenacious。
Then released the ice that is still fighting,A golden air flame broke out on the night,Golden angeled in the blue main tone,Become abnormal。
“Almost the end of the battle……”
Chapter 686 Big snake chase big snake debut
Big snake is still roaring,It seems that it is not sweet and like anger,But now it’s no more than things.。
At the same time,His figure suddenly appeared in the head of the big snake,A war hucking with the front air,Directly hit the head of the big snake!
Covered armed colored legs,It is destroyed that the talents of the big snake are like a paper paste.。
real·Look for your teeth!Huge impacts even let the entire monsters have produced a dramatic shake,This is the vibration that makes everyone who are in the monsters.。
The body of the big snake is directly added to the ground.,The broken ground makes it fall into the lower layer.,And it is good enough to fall to the room where you are in the eyes.。
The battle here is also just over,The result is naturally a victory with a dragon volume.。
And Syx is preparing to discharge the dragon,Show off the strongest geeks who have cultivated it.。
But when she blows the head,The big snake fell from the ceiling.……