“mother,You can go to sleep!Let’s take it.!I don’t expect anything.!”

Arrange the child’s two-time appearance,Receive the chair stool in the yard.。
Before entering the house, you will also give the doors and windows.,I am afraid that I have been blown by the wind at night.,I am scared
“Oh, no”
Niu Niu opened his eyes,Everything is panicked。
“Um?Niu Niu?”
Although the sound of rain outside is large,Su Yuqing still heard the voice of Niu Niu,茫 微 微 睁 眼,
“Niu Niu?”
No response,Su Yuqing lifted slightly,Looked a girl’s direction。I really didn’t find any abnormalities,I brought her with a child.,I am relieved to enter my dream again.。
Niu Niu heard a uniform breathing sound next to it,Only slow open eyes,Staring at the roof
NS8http://www.jiangxilucha.cn6chapter Quilt
How can I dream of snake?!Sure enough, is it too embarrassed during the day??I can dream of it at night.!
I was frightened,Niu Niu felt uncomfortable,sticky,Some hot。
Think about it,Silently put the feet out from the quilt。On the side of the side,Put the quilt out of a slit,Let the air come in。
Come in,Sure enough, there is a lot of comfort。
The eyes are dead and staring at one place,The ear is the sound of wind and rain outside,Ruty
In order to reason,Such a sound is very peaceful,But the girl’s mood still can’t calm for a long time,I can’t easily sleep again.。
Because she just wants her eyes closed.,The mind is all the scenes of the dream.。
A small white snake is quiet in the grass,And the same thing as seen during the day。Not the same thing is,This snake is obviously fierce.。
http://www.szhljj.cn The whole black eyes are staring at themselves.,Reveal murderous。Not stopped with bright red snake letter,issue“Snuff”Loud sound。
Provocationful provocative people,It’s like it is possible to rush to bite in any time, anywhere.。
And I seem to be subjected to my own,Can’t move,Also called
Can only worry in your heart,The sweat is not stopped from the forehead,Roll down
Struggle for a long time,I finally finally issued one or two mononoals.,I finally woke up
it’s midnight,Niu Niu felt that he was weak.,But still I can’t fall asleep!It’s too much to be very difficult.!
I am afraid that I have been pressing myself.,Why do you feel that your sleep is also pressed together?!
Distressed and sad,It around me!
Niu Niu heart is full of despair
Skyfish fish belly white,Niu Niu is reluctant to enter his dream again。
The rain outside the outside gradually became calm.,Leave a cool
Just like God know the time and space of people who want to give hardworking people.,Silently rain in the evening
“Tiger,Get up~”
This time,Su Yuqing has developed a fixed biological clock,I wake up one by one.。Sitting up the body is slightly slow,Gently wake up the tiger。
In fact, time is still early,But no way,Tiger, the old man is grinding,The kind of one who can’t stand it in half a day,I can only call him early.。