Rhubarb and Xiaohuang are obviously a glimpse,Didn’t understand what Shen Xuan is talking about。
“silly dog!”
Shen Xuan sighs,road:“Walk with Xiao Huang,Don’t send it!”
Finish,It’s a big step forward.,Rush into the lion,To have a few lion’s true knife。
“Trough,Touched,Xuan Ge is a sacrifice,Protect the yellow yellow yellow!”
“Hoot,I am crying.,Xuan Ge is really,Suddenly coming so,What!”
“Be too annoying,Dahuang Xiaohuang is strong http://www.fcx315.cn to live!”
“Then we can live a live broadcast in the future??”
One mourning in the live broadcast,Who let Xuan Ge suddenly come out in the last moment?,Still strange。
Shen Xuan yang called,Complete the attention of the lion group,While playing,Run in the opposite direction。
It is clear,Shen Xuan, this is what you want to use your body.,Troune lion,Thus,Other people can live。
Rhubarb and small yellow can also live,Needless to follow。
after all,In the eyes of lion groups,Rhubarb and small yellow are small,As long as you don’t take the initiative,Will n’t you do it?。
Now all the attention of the lion group is on Shen Xuan’s body,Naturally, I will not notice other above.。
“quick,Let’s go out!”
Ye Nan Tianzhi in the cave,Hurry:“This is the most suitable at this time.,Shen Xuan has helped us lead the lion group!”
“quick,We lift the wounded!”
Chen Tian nodded,With people behind,Carrying a few serious injuries,Run out quickly。
“Kill you!”
not far away,From time to time, you can pass a burst of rude voice.,It seems that the situation is not optimistic。
“quick,quick,Go away!”
Ye Nan Tian and others do not dare to delay,I ran over the direction of Yang Shiqi.。
Wang Ting Road has just been in the direction of Xuan Ge,A while,Put the Selfie rod in the ground to bring。
“Small yellow,rhubarb,Go away!”
Wang Ting rose the yellow and Xiao Huang shouted,However,Not moving,Stand in the place,Two eyes look at Shen Xuan disappeared。
“You are really shameless.,Xuan Ge is not saved?”
“Poor Xuan Ge,Rescue these people,I only know to escape!”
“Really lost people,Can you save a rescue of Xuan??”
People in live broadcast are anxious,All urgently,Wang Ting took a selfie rod,I http://www.huoyan778.cn went all the way to Lin Hao,Give the lens to them。
“go,go,Now go down now!”
Yang Shich can’t wait to say:“Take advantage of the lion,otherwise,We all have to stay here.!”
“Xuan Ge?”
Lin Wei looked at a group of people,Asked directly:“Xuan Ge is now dead,Your big masters are like this.?”
Mention this,Everyone is all silent.!