From the perspective of metaphysics,That’s a variety of kinds。

More likely because,His heart has been released。
Chapter 27 · Everyone,Mobilize!
Tokyo after the rain,There are many air in the air.。
Back to the office building in the classroom,Take the elevator。
Elevator’s door,Branch also closed and closed,Feel the elevator rising weight。
He also stepped on the throttle of the throne at this moment.。
“teacher,Can you leave this room for me??”After returning to the small study,He suddenly opened。
“I want this room key.”If you think about it, you will play a tea cup.,A smile,“You won’t you want to live here??”
“Is it a teacher,I have seen my intent at a glance.。”Civiliagy is calm,“But I have not intended to live.,I just want to hurt。”
“How long does it take??”
“Seven days。”
“So short,Originally intended to praise you.,I know hard work.,As a result, you will live in seven days.?”Saito shrugged,“Is there any planning after seven days??”
“When I am waiting, I am right.,Never let you feel bored。”
Soon Saito brings a key to the drawer,Throw to each other。
“The second floor has a bathroom,Clothes also remember to change,Don’t put it all over and dirty。”
Nine p.m,Day of practice,Keeng back home,I plan to clean up the dressing.,Just seven days。
“Ah,I found you have problems with your ingredients.,Said the good Shizuoka jade dew,How do you sneak all over??”Qiusheng is working on the sofa to play the game machine on the couch,Not painless, complaining。
These two people returned to their hometown,Directly explore the entire golden week directly。
“I shook a large group of people to drink it.,Can you give me a seven-day holiday to school??”Cooperative。
“After the Golden Week, please ask for seven days.?You are addicted to the holiday.?”Qiusheng Zhengyi handle shake,The role is dead on the screen,This time I really have。
“Can I learn this??”Smog is eared in the glance,Eyes are also shining。
A month ago,Qiusheng is still in the science of the science,But now after a month,It turns into a discipline of space.。
Corona:“This is best not to learn,Unless it is very important to do。”
“Then what is the important thing you plan to do this week??”Autumn is just a question。
“Closed-door practice,Common plots in comics。”
“After closing, you will always face a strong enemy.,Then who you have to face??”Qiusheng is very interested in two sentences。
“Enemies,There is only one,That is my own limit。”The footsteps of Coading stopped in front of the door,Talk with back。
“Good combustion。”Smoked, no expression。
“I think it is just a young doctor.”Qiusheng is helping the support。
Although the discipline does not say what he has to do.,But Qiusheng is a feeling,That is a very challenging event。
One multi-week evening,He also said the same moment.,Say there is a very powerful enemy needs to defeat。
Then the next day,He became the hero of group war,Soon after another, the champion has also been held back.。
What did I have to do it at the end?,Qiusheng is not knowing,But he always feel that is the truly threshold,Overdone,What is the next group of groups?,Can’t,He will not even appear on the group battle.。
Gaseous,What he is going to do now is something that is not a matter of time.。
After a quiet pensive,Survival is a handle of the game console。
Corporation cleaned up the baggage from the room,I found that Qiusheng is right and has been replaced.,The car key is also picking up at hand。
Corporation is inevitable:“I am planning to take a bus in the bus tonight.,I can’t hurry today.。”