“wipe,You are a busy person。”Wang Shima smiled and walked up:“Frequent people with headlines,We don’t dare to disturb。”

“Yes,Who doesn’t know your mission?。”Dead God Obacula laughs and pats Lin Feng’s shoulder:“brother,Have you grip??”
“Naturally grasp。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“When you come, you will go,Let’s open a big gambling。”
“no problem!”Death Obah Tiger smiles:“You are not a person who suffers from a loss.。”
“When we arrive, we earn a,Take out a piece of the soldier to gamble。”Zhang Shaoze wondered the heat cutting。
“Let’s gamble you!”Tang Baohu and Wang Meng have laughed。
“Must follow me,All right,Since you come,Let’s go to the lake and drink a few cups.,I have to go out for a while.。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“Start new temper,what about you?What is going on next??”
“We are also ready to go back.。”Tang Xihu laughs:“Affected by your stimulation and impact,Let’s go back and worked hard.。”
“good,Let’s go back and worked hard.。”Wang Gemao。
“You know that you tossing many people.,Many people are not active now.,Going back, it’s hard to repair.。”Zhang Shaoze Road。
“Ha ha,This feeling is good,I am a development of global practice.,They want to thank me.。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“All right,Without further ado,drink wine,Drink a happy,I will go out for drinking wine.。”
“become,Drinking, we also go back。”Wang Meng,Tang Bihu,Debar Tiger,Zhang Shaze laughed。
“go!”Lin Feng haha smiles,He took someone to the lake of the moon.,Tang Yao,Night clear cold burned a few dishes。
Several people drink in the lake,At the end of the afternoon,Zhang Shaze,Wang Meng,Tang Bihu,Dead God, Obacula, has left Zhongzhou City.。
Lin Feng looked at a few people disappeared for a long time.。
“We also start。”At this time, I walked in Huangquan’s Lord’s Sound.,His figure laughed and came to Lin Feng’s side.。
He follows the night cold,Night cold hands holding a gun,Her body is emitting a sharp breath。
There is also Tang Yao with her together.。
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard a little bit,Then I came to Tao Yao’s whispered a lot of waisboard.:“Thanks a lot。”
“I am fine.。”Tang Yao is quiet and laughing:“There is Jiangfu Village and night, such as a song.,Coupled with Golden Dragon and Tiger King,Leaf old,Xu Lao,Even if you are half-pointed, you will have a loss.。”
“In short, it is。”Lin Feng Road。
“Um!”Tiyin Yao 言 微 微。
“Let it go。”Huangquan’s Lord http://www.huizhizhou.cn is a laugh:“China Prefecture now has to be on the Dragon Tan tiger points.。”The Lord of Huangquan has a cyan gas stream under the owner of Huangquan.,The cyan gas flows condenses a cyan cloud group。
Lin Feng heard that this will release Tang Yao Yao,Then pulling the night clear cold to the cyan cloud group,Then Huangquan’s Lord has disappeared.。
Tang Yao is looking for a few people disappearing for a long time。
Tang Yao also turned around to the land.,Just after Tang Yao,A graceful figure came out from the villa,She is beautiful,With the beautiful beauty,Tail,This woman is Heronen。
“Jing Yan inheritance!”Wang Xinyi flashed with a brilliant Fanghua Road:“The emperor of the night is finally appeared.,I should also go to the ground inheritance.,graft!”
NS671chapter Singer
Song,It is the capital of Huaxia http://www.jvshang.cn Shang Dynasty.。
It is one of the birthplace of Huaxia civilization.,After thousands of years, it has already ended,Become an abandoned capital city,Never reprint,The world can only see the years of years before the broken wall.。