do not know why,now,Liu He’s forehead,Sweat is constantly squatting。

He also don’t know why,Now,terrified。
Distinguished Shenxuan only one person,And all this is all of him.。
Why,He will have such a feeling?
But how long,It is someone here to come here.。
“Young master,Our people come。”
at this time,The black pressure is a big guilty person.。
When you see these people,Liu He’s face is filled with a joyful look。
Great,His people,I am finally here.。
If you don’t come again,So Liu He doesn’t know,When will you wait until。
But since now,People have come。
So next,some things,Also,It should be a good account.。
See here,At this moment,These people are all exemplified。
Liu He looked at Shen Xuan,Very hard gas。
“Since this,So next,Even though come!”
Chapter 663, you are still a dead
This,Shen Xuan’s line of sight,The next conscious look at the eyes。
For the current thing,In fact, Shen Xuan,What is I worried??
I don’t worry about it now.,Before,Shen Xuan itself,It is not completely taken to take these too seriously.。
The more now,In fact, this matter is next,How to do it in the end。
In itself,At this time, Shen Xuan is very light.。
“Do you think,Is only your person arrive??”
“my people,I have been waiting for a lot of time.!”
Shen Xuan finished,not far away,A big helper comes quickly。
A light is rushing to the front,Tangible。
“I can’t help it.,Now,Let us let us join,Take a look at these people。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,In fact,It should be like this early。”
“Is this still used?,These people intend to continue,So let’s everyone,Play with these people!”
This,With these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
The more now,This,How can these people can be unclear?,Next,What should I do if I should do it?。