Summer will not be self-purple,But there is also a self-knowledge。

If it is right,,He didn’t have any chance。
No one!even,Even if I give the other part of the chance,He will also fail。
Very strong!This is the only sensory feedback impression on life and death in summer.。
Really strong!suddenly,at this time,A extremely bad premonition flocks to the heart of summer。
His face changed,Heart climbing fluctuations。
rear,A huge breath that cannot be described,It is slowly close to the direction of him.。
This breath is dangerous,Let the cold hair in the summer together。
Someone……Actually chase it up。
The speed is even more fast than him.。
this……How can it be!Although it is far away,But there is an extremely fierce front,To lock his breath。 “Five-character?”
Summer heart,Ambulous,The flying flames behind the sky stretch。
He seems to break through the sound barrier,Leave a turbulence in the air。
Distant rear,Chasing it is the big leader of Yunshan,Dongfangming。
His feet stepped on the flying sword,The speed is difficult to capture with the naked eye,It’s not to catch up.。
He has firmly locked each other。
This does not affect the shock in the hearts of the East.。
He stepped on his feet.,It is the five-character juice that brought back from the martial arts circle.。
Even so,He can’t catch up in a short time in a short time.。
He knows that there is a speed of flight in the summer.。
But he believes,If you lock yourself,The other party is absolutely not running away。
But at this moment,He is really awkward。
Be right,He can feel that he is close to it.,It is indeed a short of the other party.。
But only this is。
To know,He not only has five products,There is a successful strength of life and death.。
What secret law used,The speed is actually this fast!Shocking,Be excited。
This kid not only has the secret of the idea.,More this speed。
Be sure to catch him!must!If you get yourself,After returning to the military,Have a lot of boost!Front,Flying flaps behind the summer stretch every time,I will inevitably explode a turbulence,A plug。
But he not only has no pine tones.,It is more harder between the look.。
Because,Back chasing,Still approaching。
Distance from two people,A little shortened。
Not only that,Summer feels that the speed of the other party is faster。
And him……It has increased speed to the ultimate。
This will be chased sooner or later。
Summer heart becomes heavy,I can’t think of the law。
Even if he puts the effect of black jade secret treasure,Still do not take off。
Not black jade secret treasure is invalid。