The face of Qin Jingshan has long been pale,Obviously。

His two sons, Qin Yue, and Qin Yu Tian supported both sides.,Be angry。
“You……”Qin Ji Mountain pointed to the opposite side,“I came from Jinling that year.,It is indeed helped by your four hidden families.,But the old man will definitely write to you.,And come over,Your human life bonds have already been clear.,You……You are a silence!”
“Mr. Qin,Make a meal,But the words can’t say。”
The initial open youth is clear,“I have already seen you.,Blank paper black word written clear,Do you want to pay attention?。
This owe is of legal effects。”
“Fake,That must be fake。”
Qin Ji Mountain is obviously impossible to recognize,Anger,“You……”“Don’t talk nonsense。”
I immediately interrupted him for the first youth.,Alert。
“Don’t say that we don’t give you Qin family opportunities.,This way,We have been studying in the past,Now,It is also to come to Beijing for the first time.,I heard the city master like a cloud,If you can find a master to defeat us four,These four owners will be invalid。”
First2016Chapter A hitting spike
When you are talking about this,People who came to the crane in four weeks came a championship。
People’s look is quite complicated。
They have already seen it.。
The other party is very obvious to find。
It is the death of Qin Lao’s father.,Deliberately。
This makes many people’s face is cloudy。
All,Many Chinese and small families have been out of the ancient house.。
In their opinion。
Since these four hidden families have supported Qinjia,Explain that the relationship with each other should be not bad。
Even because it is because of the interests,At least you will not be on this situation.。
But they have done。
This can only explain a problem。
The person who appeared in the ancient family……Even if they still don’t know the identity of each other,But it also shows that the other’s face is scary.。
Can let each other unqualified alliances in an instant……This is not ordinary.。
“You are too deceived too much.!”
Qin Jing Mountain can’t drink。
Others can think of,How can he think of。
Even more than others,He thinks more。
In addition to anger。
There is also a fear in the heart.。
“Mr. Qin,Don’t know how to,We have given you the greatest tolerance.。”
For the first youth cold smile,Also,“From now on to 7:00,If you can find a master to defeat us,Four owners were invalid on the spot。”
Toned,Swift,“If not,Tet this evening, someone invited you to visit.,I also hope that you can go,At that time a settlement。”
He even disadpeds。
Say that it is subject to it。