As for other harvests, there is no,Can only continue to go up,When Zuo Luo passed a layer of office,Striped a telescope from an employee table,She tried,Although the style old,But function is normal。

“team leader。”Zuo Luo is close to,Assump this telescope to him。
Ji’s connected telescope,It’s going down to play a few times.,Collected。
Weird atmosphere between two people,Let the money beside the money,Captain, they quarreled this.,It must be diverted,But I have to cooperate with teams.。
Ugh,Is the two of the left??
Everyone arrived at the top floor,It is already two hours later,Occurrence uses a telescope,Regionally understand the regional planning of Leye Town,Subsequently he sat behind the top floor,Start the files,Strip from the software。
One row of rolling nouns and numbers,There are also various pictures,It is perfectly copied in him.。
Rosau is watching it next to it.:“Your captain has this ability?”
Although it is a course in the military school life,But most people learn that,Unfold,Barely,Oki, this is already a humanoid scanner.。
Jiang Hong, Zuo Luo, looked at it,He didn’t make a mistake,Her memory is not bad,But she has not standing out when I look at the document.。
“Are we hiding here??”Ding Wusu grabbed a iron bar asked。
“The entire leisure town should not be large,Take us this center,Estimate only hundred miles。”Jianghong Road,“Earlier, I will meet the blue side.,In addition, we have no weapons in your hands.。”
“I will go to the nearby weapons and several people.。”Zuo Luoyuan looks to Rosau,“You pick a few players to walk with me.。”
Others have no sound,The first military school is the same as the northern military academy.,But how to allocate it in the radio。The two teams are in the same way is the right practice.。
Rosau also understands the relationship,I picked several players to Zuo Luo Huan.:“Zuo Luo Huan,Technicians have to help you find parts or something else,You help me protect it.。”
Zuo Luo laughed laughed:“Row,But Hui is stayed here.,I didn’t remember her shooting method.,What is going on,Here the field of view is good。”
“There is no gun now。”Rosau is complaining about a sentence,Follow-up,“Row,another,Hui will stay here。”
Before,She looked back and glanced.,He is still focusing on all of the file information.。
Organizers hiding the weapons and food must have regular,Zuo Luohuan took four team members of the North Military Academy to the roadside shop,Most stores are empty,Some only wild grass moss and abandoned table and chair stools。
“Let’s go to the theater to see。”Zuo Luo hit people。
This should be a private cinema,A total of two floors,All is abandoned red seat,Spider web everywhere。
“and many more,Can you go up and see if there is anything there??”Technician stops the footsteps,Ask Zuo Luohuan。
“I went up.。”Zuo Luo climbs up next to it,I looked at the few people below.,Stepping on a meter wide lighting cylinder,This row is a light。
“You touch the side,See if there is a gun tube。”Technician shouts below,“If you want to hide,That’s very good。”
Zuo Luoyuan reached out to touch,Not not shown yet,I frown to drink the second floor.:“Who!”
Several people below instantly,I look at the second floor。
NS 52 chapter(You will end.)
Four people looking up at the Northern Military Academy look at the moment, Zuo Luo Huan has got up from the lightbeaves to the side,Quickly climb the second floor,Chase,Disappeared in their eyes。
The skilled person headed toward the light., Haven’t come to make your companions to find a weapon, The side of the second floor suddenly shot a shot, Toned in the first floor in the North Military Academy。
――Positive helmet。
“Crouch!”Zuo Luohuan heard the gunshot, Jumping from another corridor, Seize the other two people to hide。
The two players in the pigment,I stand in the light of the first floor.,Their two of them popped up a champion。
“People with blue team upstairs?”Technician hiding in the seat。