I saw the summer in the summer.,No signs,Extremely abrupt a black fireball。

This black fireball is extremely special。
It looks like a black material。
Tangled like a twine,Rotate,Beat,Splash。
Just like the summer of the summer。
Everyone is all。
Including ten http://www.jiubaisong.cn judges master。
“this……Senior heart!”
One of them came out。
Follow,They saw that the summer controlled one with a mine with a grinding disc of a mortar.,Invested in black flames。
“嗤嗤 嗤嗤……”
The huge ore is melting with the speed of the naked eye.。
The impurities inside are in the eyes of the smoke.。
finally,Roster size ore,Leave only the second small,Glittering luster。
“What is this pure?!”
“How can I mention it so quickly?……”
Ten judges Master Hawran, big eyes,Standing in the same place。
Those three-element refining practitioners who pay attention to summer,It is also a sudden illusion,All stay。
It is a scene in front of you.,Completely subverting their cognitive and audio。
To know,They are impurity,Need to be shrouded with three colors,Then http://www.rk-coder.cn carefully baking。
While refining ore impurities,Also keep the texture of the metal interior as much as possible。
To ensure that there is no broken shades and dark diseases。
therefore,Proprosis of ore,There is a pivotable role in the process of refining。
Change to anyone in the field,Pure such a grinding dial size ore,At least half time time。
What I saw now?。
Benevolent,Just a few breathing rooms,Summer is purified。
That sharp、That calm calm、Make a relaxed letter,Simply shocked all people。
Both refinerists,So is more clear,This kind of technique has reached a certain realm and charm。
Usual refineries can’t do it at all。