“I don’t do this.!”槐 序。

Zhou turn to the head:“You see how much troubles you have given people today.。”
槐 低,Feel quiet。
Bedroom with a supporting bench,Zhouzhi sit down,I feel a lot of temperature,A bit cold,And the outside of the wind。
Good quiet http://www.fjgyz.cn in the bedroom。
There is no one to play.,Looking for a moment in the suitcase,Turned out the books of Zheng Yulai to him.。
See him to learn,The group is not cold.。
She ran in a small broken step.,Jump to the table,Sit down before the book。Where is Zhou Zhi to move to where she reached a small paw and lived the word of that place.,And observe the circumference。
Zhou Zhiyi speechless。
The group also said:“You continue to watch!”
He simply touched the phone,But find a text message。
Zheng Yuki:Have you been to your school??
Depth:arrive,This afternoon。
Zheng Yuki is almost second:Is university??
Depth:very beautiful。
Zheng Yuki:good。
Zhou I want to think,Tell her to myself today’s experience,Negative things, including Nange,He feels that Zheng Yuqing will want to hear。
http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn Zheng Yuki passed for a while after this time.——
In addition, there is a WeChat and oneQQinformation。
Dyeing:Go to Chunming?
Red dyeing did not return,It should be busy。
QQThe news is Li Nan.,a picture,It’s a photo of her military http://www.dsyaolu.cn uniform.。
Her high,good body shape,Everything is good。
Li Daishi:You wear a military installation?
Depth:Will you send it to you?。
Li Daishi:……
Li Daishi:【expression】
Li Daishi:voice9”
Zhou Zhiyan。
First, a non-mainstream song that is sad,Immediately is the voice of Nange:“I have no conscience around you.,I am clear this morning, I still say that you are as my younger.,Now you don’t recognize me this big brother.。”
Depth:Where is your background music??
Just sent out,Received a voice of Nange。