Yan Yars on the stage did not support the second round and was kicked away from Guyuan.。

Yan Yan hands look at it,But internal organs were hit many times,Even standing upright is a bit reluctant,Can only hold a wall。
Like the people,Credit gambling is more than 50 yuan,Yan Yan,The credits of the two weeks have gone.,Only the two points left。
Think of precarious credits,Yan Yan headache,I’m going out of the wall,I think this is cool.,Sure enough, it is also a powerful person.。I heard that last year Zuo Luo hit the people on the list.,No wonder he has not responded,I was interrupted。
Yan Yan suddenly supports his chest to go to the remote place.,Bending and vomiting a boring。
“Ask you something。”
Yan Yan has not come to the blood of the blood,I heard a http://www.hebzgrs.cn familiar voice.,He looked up and saw the people who had just thought of standing in front of himself.:“Zuo Luo Huan?”
Zuo Luo is on the wall,The original words suddenly changed:“According to the practice,You should call me a sister。”
Probably she is too tone of people like a certain person.,Strict rock consciousness:“Not screaming?”He is gone,Dressing is going to study。
Didn’t wait for her to answer,Yan Yan is trying to make up a sentence:“School sister。”Tianda University is the largest,He has now understood this reason.。
Zuo Luoyuan just purely,She touched a crumpled paper group from the pocket to Yan Yan:“You look,Willing,Can sign。”
The two are standing behind the wall at the moment,The surrounding tree is blocked,The light yellow light in the distance is not available here.,Only the faint moon and hidden http://www.baiyunpj.cn mistakes in the sky。
Yan Yan bowed with his hand,I found this is a envelope.,He disassembles from the inside to find Zhang black card,But now I have become a crumpled.,But there is no impact on the above。
This is an invitation letter,Only two lines。
【Invite___classmate,Joining。Recommended person:Zuo Luo Huan】
Yan Yan low-looking in the military uniforms in the body,Stiffness:“You don’t say you are not a person?”He is gone!
Zuo Luo smiled slightly:“I only say no rice raising badge。”
Yan Yan:“……”Is the people in the capital be so black??
Probably his face is too ugly,Zuo Luo is finally good:“Two,We don’t care about credits。”
NS 14 chapter(Three thousand shields)
After that night, from the Challenge Hall.,Yan Yan did not go in two days。Guan Yuan is extremely black,Specialize to his chest and abdomen,Looking at the limbs on the surface,But I will know the seriousness one after another.。
“Don’t you go to the Challenge??”Ding Wusun just returned to bedroom,See Strict rock sitting in bed,Curious asked。
Strict rock covering the painful rib,Rumor:“A few days。”
Ding Wusu carefully touched his face,Natural:“I have said that Gu is very powerful before.,However, those people on the list will be heavy。”
“Um。”Yan Yan thinks other things,The heart is not there.。
“I am famous in the forum.。”Ding Wusim is a little excited,“They say that you are the first person who has been in the coming and Zuo Luo Huan.,And Guan Yuan,I am guess you may have to set the front ten of the red list.。”
“What is it??”Yan Yan went wrong。
Ding Wusun’s eyes:“It is a meal of the top ten people in the front of the list.。”
Yan Yan:“……”
See his face change,Ding Wusun quickly transferred the topic:“I successfully added the disciplined.!”
Go to the usual,Yan Yan is not interested in the style,As long as you think about what deductible points,But today he picks up:“What is the benefits of adding?”
That night, Zuo Luo thrown to him a group of crumpled invitation.,Only says there are two winds,Give him seven days to consider,Love plus,Perfunctory。Later, Yan Yan came back to search for the school forum.,No traces related to the second style,All discussions about the discipline,It is all the disciplines that he will deduct before.。
“benefit?”Ding Wusun thought carefully.,“Going to the wind, there is no face.?Can go in is the leader in the first military school,And graduated from graduation in the future,There is also a layer of relationship network。”
Strict rock is silent,He subconsciously believes that the ventilation of the discipline and Ding Wusun are different.。
“Do you want to join the discipline??”Ding Wushen has been behind,“This year, the selection is over.,But you can try it next year.。”
“Don’t want to add。”Yan Yan deli denied,“I just want to know why so many people want to go,No credit subsidy。”
Credit,Yan Yan also remembers yourself2Minute,He has been in the edge of the dropout.。