Mid,The entire square broke out。

The essence of chaotic demon is so powerful?
Not only contain to pure life energy,Negatives with a miter rule?
As long as it will be refined, it will improve?
Can make the strong people have the opportunity to break through,Achievement Holy King?
Can make the Holy King break through the initial、Later、peak?
this……What kind of a big chance is this??
Even a little is not weak than the five-bedroom machine.。
And everyone has a chance。
Instead of five mountains,The people of the five faces only compete for a final http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn quota.。
A monkey can achieve the Holy King,Then I am equivalent to standing in the avenue.。
Who can resist such a temptation?!Thirty-six strong people in front of the whole look excited,Gaze,Left tens of thousands of guards,Then all envy and funny。
Some people in the past 36 people,It reacted until this time,I am shocked a cold sweat。
Fortunately, they have not selected to exit,if not,It is necessary to have no reason to be with them.。
In danger?
Since I step on the road,How can I be afraid?。
This is the mentality of the conscriptor,If there is a big big machine edge in front of you,That is really fearful death。
Especially practice,More and more,Before you want to further,What is a difficult。
Just like the eight pole holy king and another holy king,They achieve the Holy King’s endless http://www.fuekang.cn years,It is still the beginning of the Holy King。
Why do they enter heavy water?。
Shengwang to honor,Still not to enhance the realm?。
The maintenance environment of the heavy water is given to the opportunity to improve,Luo Water Road, five years old,Also gave them to enlightenment and feelings,gain much。
But finally,Still look at personal practice。
And the emergence of this liquid,The temptation to the two Holy Lords is also very large。
As long as you want to get enough Dao Liquid,Can you upgrade to the middle of the Holy King or later,That is their biggest wish.。
Summer in the crowd,The mind is not hot。
At first he participated in the guardian selection,Zeng Huaihua has a rich suffocation,Get your life energy from it。
In his opinion,So-called Dao Liquid,It should also be homologous。
But it is definitely more advanced than the life energy you refining the suffocation.。
Ability to enhance your skills and realm……This is already a treasure.。
The stalks on the square slowly fell,Graduate again and again。
Everyone lifts the head of the front of the front of the Luke Road。
“This bracelet is connected to the heavens and the earth,There is 10,000 scales there,Hunting ten three-order chaotic magic,The Dao liquid obtained can reach a scale,Hunting a second-order chaotic magic,The Dao liquid obtained can reach a scale,After this service,If I work with the two old friends?,we promise,Broadcasting,Regulate。”
Toned,Luo Water Road mainly raises the sound,“Top 10 strong,We will teach no polar surgery,Let you have the opportunity to break through the realm of Holy King,Reach higher level……”Booming,The square is boiling again。
This time people are not only excited,More is difficult to cover up。
They do everything possible to enter heavy water.,Be a guard,Each conscriptor has heard a lot of pulse。
Even many people in hand,There are so few sets of poles。
Be more,There is also a road to the Holy King.,There is also a higher realm。