“Do you have to sing with me??!”

Sui Father who originally backed by the car seat,Suddenly sitting straight,Angry looks at Su Shixin。
“No words, is it??Since you have nothing to say,Feel sorry,Step by step first。”
Facing the anger of Su,Su Shixin is not moving at all,Leave Yunqin directly left the original place。
Behind,Angry, anger, an angry, a palm, a palm, a palm,In no mood,Knock your hand,Painful straight breath。
Driver on the driver,Screen breathing,Fault,I am afraid that I am not careful to be angry.。
“drive!”Sufather chest cavity,眸 中 火。
“Su total,http://www.tyblwd.cn Where is it going next??”Young driver carefully inquiry。
“back office!Blue sky,Don’t you work??!”Suffead。
Young driver wrinking,Dare to get sinful boss。Whisper should be sound,Launch,Go up。
Dark road:have to,Still being conceivable!
night,After returning to the dormitory,Yun Qin thought for a long time,Still decided to give a call to Sinang。When the phone is connected,The noisy music came over there,Speaking, etc.。
sound,Lively。Obvious,Young Sinang,In the Community Square, he and the old uncle.,Mothers dance,Chatte。
“Hey,Yun Qin,You will wait,I first find a quiet place.。”Then,Southern Shuo’s voice,Then,The noisy is gradually。
“good,Grandpa you slowly。”Yun Qin nod,Quiet waiting。
soon,The voice of the soul is coming again over there.。
“Yun Qin,How do you think of calling your grandfather??Is http://www.webbai.cnit that you bullied you??Let Grandpa,Grandpa helps you!”
“Nope,grandfather。Sugo bullied me,I will bully myself.,Don’t use you。”Yun Qin smiled。
“Ai~right,That’s it。If he is bullying you,Bully,Grandpa gives you a rear shield!”
“Ha ha。In fact, Grandpa,I call you something to ask you.。”
“OK!You ask,Grandfather knows,I know that there is no uncomfortable!”Su Wang Road。
“I want to ask the world’s new brother mommy.,and also,Sujia’s pharmaceutical factory,Is it a problem??”
Then,A bit silent。Sinang pinned mobile phone,Sigh,Xu Xue Road:“Not a big problem,Is the company’s no new order,The company is hard to continue to survive.,it’s not a big deal。”
“Yun Qin,How do you know this??The couple arrived in school to the school, is it new??!”What is similar,Dissatisfaction。
“Oh,Nor,Uncle Auntie is coming to find two new brothers,Not mentioned these,It’s all I am guess.。”Yun Qin Road。
Be no,Suichi found Su Shixin twice,Every time I tried to close the relationship with Su Shi Xin.,Su Father found it once,I didn’t start talking.,It was blocked by Su Shi.,It’s really equivalent to nothing.。
It is a pharmaceutical factory.,Still Chen Ke‘Big mouth’Give two sentences。Can not be equivalent to what they guess。
“That’s good。Yun Qin,You don’t have to manage this thing.,Study hard is。You talk to you Sugo,Next time they still go to school to find him,Needless to pay attention to them。”
http://www.cuangd.cn Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS76chapter Qingmei is feeding Zhu Ma to eat sugar.34
“They are so adults.,It’s just that the company can’t open it.,Not doing other things。Then,So many years,Deposit is still,I will starve to death between them.。”