NS313chapter Master13

the next day,It is the rice that is in the northern division to take Yunqin to eat.,By the way, I went shopping with Yunqin.。
When you have dinner at noon,I have encountered the same spirit and windy wild。
After this period of time,Ling An see Yunqin,Already not as at the beginning,With hostility and awkward。
Instead, bring a smile with Yunqin friendly。http://www.go-king.cn
Wind and spirit respectfully give the best,Then he greets with Yunqin,Go to eat。
the following few days,Every day, I will take Yunqin to eat every day.,It seems to be afraid of Yunqin cold poison when。
This makes the other people of Dinqin seem to be lucky.,I don’t have to see a few times in the North Shijun.,This time,They can see every day.,It’s so lucky.,Do you have?!
One time,Da Qinzong’s up and down, the new apprentice,Extraordinary。
The reason why they can often see North Shijun during this time.,That is much, thanks to Yunqin.!
Everyone understands,North Shi Xianjun’s new apprentice,It’s really not a general look.!
Time is quickly slipped,Yun Qin has been a long time for half a year.。
Because the cold poison is not solved,But just arrived in the autumn,Yun Qin has put on a thick cotton coat。
A snow white cotton coat is in Yun Qin,More lining Yunqin,After this time this time‘Carefully fed’,Baby fat,Skin white and red face is cute。
This cotton coat,It is the northern pool.,Specially designed for Yunqin。Put on this body,Yunqin usually hand-cold cold,Also improved。
Already a good friend with Yunqin,From time to time, I will come to Daxiefeng to find Yunqin.,Then carry the run of Yunqin full。
Because Yu Qini,Ancient spirituality,Da Qin Zong,I don’t know the northern Shijun receiving a personal,Cute little apprentice in flowers。
this day,Ling An is said to be a specialty of people in the family.,Come to Da Yufeng to find Yunqin。
“Yun Qin,This is the unique roast whole sheep on our house.,Try you!”
The excitement of the excitement from the food box with insulation function,Poster a table,Aroma。
“smell good!”Yun Qin took a good mouth。
“of course!This is our specialty!Only one place,There is no two!”Ling An proud。
“You try,Can be delicious!”
Say,Lingan takes out a knife,Cut the back leg meat in Yunqin into the small plate in front of Yunqin。
Yunqin can’t wait to pick up chopsticks,Get in the mouth。
The fresh crispy taste is blown in the mouth,Yun Qin double eyes bright。
“too delicious!Sister,I want to stay to Master.!”
So delicious thing,Of course, I can’t forget her kiss.!
Lingan is http://www.jvchuan.cnwhite,Unhappy:“I know, I know!I know you will say this.!”
“Bamboo,Already ready to be ready。”Ling An also took out a dotted food box,road。
Yun Qin smiled and took it,“Thank you teacher!”
“Sister,This is an adherent Dan that I have recently refined.,I believe it can help you break through the primary law.。”
Lingan’s eyes are highlighted。
“Yun Qin,You can already refine the three products of the Spiritan.?!It’s too powerful.?!”