“okay,What Xia Jian has the ability,This little thing can’t help you”

Qin Xiaomin smiled at Xia Jian,Then walked to the glass window,I looked at the scenery outside。obviously,The two of them are now alone,Somewhat embarrassing。
Xia Jian is a man after all,He walked over gently,Standing by Qin Xiaomin’s side,Whispered:“You are not young anymore,Is it time to think about your lifelong events”
“What boss is not young,Am i old?”
Qin Xiaomin heard what Xia Jian said,A little bit upset。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“look at you,I still care about you?Why are you still angry?”
“okay,Don’t talk about it。You said you are beautiful now,Have a career,Three children at a time,This whole world,How many people can be as lucky as you?”
Qin Xiaomin finished,Grabbed http://www.gyhuijing.cn the small bag on the bedside,Turned out of the ward。Qin Xiaomin suddenly became angry,The monk who made Xia Jian a little bit old couldn’t figure it out,He also doesn’t know where he is wrong。
A little distressed Xia Jian sat on the chair by the bed,Waiting quietly for Ma Yan’s return。But ten minutes later,Qin Xiaomin opened the door of the ward and walked in,She carried a big plastic bag,It’s filled with water。
“give!This is your favorite drink”
Qin Xiaomin said,Threw a bottle of drink over。Xia Jian reached out,Received it。He has a warm feeling in his heart。It seems that Qin Xiaomin still remembers his living habits。
Xia Jian opened the drink and took a sip,Then I was a little embarrassed to say:“Thank you”
“What’s so thanks,Your boss only knows how to make money,The ability to take care of people is still a bit weak。Let’s take a long look!Children are not so easy to take,Not to mention three in a lifetime,You can be busy then”
Qin Xiaomin http://www.fsjllt.cn said,Laughed a little bit hilariously。
Xia Jian glanced at the better Qin Xiaomin and said:“Are you and Ouyang Hong in Weizhong??Youngest remaining,Our whole family is too busy to bring”
“What do you mean?It’s not that this kid will let us take it away in his lifetime!Then i don’t do it,I can’t even keep myself alive,That can bring you kids”
Qin Xiaomin cocked her mouth,Cute like a kid。Xia Jian couldn’t help but remembered the happy times when they were together。But who can think of,Now they can only get along with friends。Of course,Such a good ending is rare。someone said,Once the lovers break up,I can’t be friends at all,Basically all enemies。This argument,Xia Jian believed it,But now it seems,As long as the mentality is good。Love him,You can still be good friends。
Just when he was in a daze,Ma Yan walked in accompanied by two http://www.chadegushi.cn nurses。There is a happy smile on her face,The result of the inspection must be very good。