Guo Meili sighed and said:“Mr. Zhu,Let’s stop here today!”

Xia Jian did not expect,Guo Meili will make an order to chase away guests so quickly,Zhu Hui said with a cold smile:“Miss Guo,You a little manager,Even have their own shares in the new rich,You are not afraid that Xia Jian will send someone to investigate”
“Hahahaha!afraid,Afraid every day,I’m afraid he won’t come”Guo Meili smiled and stood up。
Xia Jian has a look,Hurriedly backed out,Greeted the black baby at the door,The two hurried out of the elevator,The security guard on the first floor closed his eyes tightly,Sleeping Zhengxiang。
In the car,Xia Jian immediately called Wang Lin,Let her go through Dongping Mining Office,Find out Guo Meili’s mobile phone number and tell him,He wants to meet this Guo Meili in person。
Wang Lin’s efficiency is really reassuring,Not much time,Xia Jian received a text message from Wang Lin,Guo Meili’s mobile phone number is written on it,Even the office landline number was sent to him。
Xia Jiangang saved his phone number,I saw Zhu Hui coming from the Regal Nightclub,Ugly expression on face,It seems that Guo Meili did not give her any chance。
Waiting for Zhu Hui to leave for a while,Guo Meili walked out slowly,She looked around as she walked,As if looking for someone。
Xia Jian waited a moment,Wait for Guo Meili to get on the bus,So I called。
“Hey!Which?”Guo Meili on the phone,A little careless。
Xia Jian said loudly:“I’m Xia Jian from Venture Group”
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“what!President Xia,Hello there!Are you looking for me??”Guo Meili on the phone asked in surprise。
Xia Jian through the car window glass,Looking at Guo Meili in the car in the distance,Said with a smile:“I am heading to Dongping Mining,Are you in the factory?